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Food & Entertainment Unite

Feast & Fandom has come a long way since our first blog post back on October 12th of 2016.  Since then we have done hundreds of reviews on live shows, products, restaurants, movies and much more. 


We are progressing the Feast & Fandom initiative and branching off to books (including a series of fictional books under our KnightSlayer Publishing label), podcasts, merchandise & more while staying true to our original goals of providing our unique insight on food & entertainment. We will continue to look for great collaborations for products while also delving into business consultation and social media influencing.  

The future is bright for Feast & Fandom as new and exciting endeavors will be realized. We recently formed AlphaNova, LLC which is the universe where all of our business ventures will reside. 

Our original statement:

"I'm excited to start this food and entertainment journey with you. 

I will be exploring neighborhoods in Northern New Jersey, Westchester NY, Long Island and NYC to name a few.

Always on the lookout for new exciting food creations to devour and movies to watch. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or collaborations." 



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