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The Iron Horse opened its doors way back in 1972 right in the heart of Westwood New Jersey. They have served millions of people through the years and pride themselves on many of their staff moving on to become doctors, lawyers and chefs. Today I spent my afternoon at The Iron Horse with my wife. I have been a guest of The Iron Horse a few times in the past and this was my wife's first time.

When you walk into the restaurant you notice the vintage decor with train and railroad decorations throughout the restaurant. We were greeted immediately and we ordered our beers right after being seated.

We started our lunch with the Buffalo Wings. I am big on wings, I love them. The Iron Horse Buffalo Wings do not have any special coating, they are plain chicken wings dropped in a deep fryer with some Frank's Hot Sauce on them. They are perfect. A lot of times restaurants feel they need to dress up the wings with crispy coatings and elaborate sauces. But like more times than not, simplicity is best.

We also ordered an order Zucchini Sticks. We were please with them. They were served with a Horseradish Dipping Sauce but I felt they would have been more successful with a Marinara Sauce instead. I ended up getting some of the Buffalo Sauce to dip them because I personally feel that the spicier the food the better.

Whenever I see certain items on a menu, I usually order them. German Saurerbraten is one of those items. As seen in the picture above, The Saurerbraten came with potato pancakes, red cabbage and applesauce. The chunky applesauce seemed like it was made in house and it was delicious. The potato pancakes were packed with flavor and I wished I had more. Sadly the Saurerbraten and red cabbage were both a little disappointing. Both were bland and lacked the flavor I was looking for, however the Saurerbraten was very tender. I hope to have a better experience the next time I see this dish on the menu as I will give it another chance.

The Iron Horse has been a local landmark for years, right by the train station, in the Pascack Valley area and will continue to be. This visit really was not a disappointment as my wife and I did enjoy ourselves. They have a deal going on with Becks Oktoberfest where it is $3 per pint and you get to keep the glass. The Iron Horse is a classic old school bar that serves plenty of good bar food, burgers and sandwiches.

There is a sense of nostalgia when you walk through the front door and children love the place. Give the place to shot if you haven't and definitely order the wings.

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