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RELEASE DATE: April 14, 2017

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours 10 minutes


DIRECTOR: Steven Brill

WRITER: Adam Sandler, Paul Sado, and Dan Bulla


Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler

Jennifer Hudson as Courtney Clarke

Kevin James as Ted Rafferty

Colin Quinn as Kevin Conners

Nick Swardson as Gary Rodgers

Jackie Sandler as Amy Baskin

Terry Crews as "Bedtime" Boddy Barnes

Rob Schneider as Firuz

I have been a fan of Adam Sandler since back in the day when he was a feature on Saturday Night Live. I literally grew up watching him. When seeing him in movies like Airheads and then Billy Madison, my fandom for Sandler only grew. I was always there on opening night to see whatever new movie he was in coming out and found myself buying his comedy CDs (the goat was my favorite track) and grew excited to hear new versions of the Hanukkah Song.

Sandler has had his flops, Jack and Jill being the first of the list. It was the first Adam Sandler movie that I didn't finish, I turned it off not even half way through trying to watch it. Now looking at his recent Netflix films, I ask a few questions. What happened to Adam Sandler? When did the change happen? Is it me? Did my taste in movies change? No. He just doesn't seem to have that magic he used to when it came to making people laugh and I can't pinpoint when or where the change happened.

Sandy Wexler was the latest of what i call the Netflix flops. This film was 2 hours and 10 minutes of Sandler speaking in this god awful voice and playing a character that is just horrible. I mean it was his worst acting I've ever seen him do...ever. I understand that his character was based on his real life manager Sandy Wernick. But just because someone may be funny or comical in real life, it doesn't mean that this person should have a character based off of him in a movie especially when it doesn't work. This may seem harsh, but I am a big Adam Sandler fan who was seriously disappointed in the work of this film. With all the names and cameos in the film, I would for one figure that there would be some good writing. I felt that the script and the vision were weak and lazy and just relied on said "star power" to push the film forward.

Honestly I'm not sure where the blame falls on this film, the writing or the actors or the director or the writera or a combination of all. I just figured that someone somewhere along the line of the production of this film would have realized the boring feature that was being released. As you can see I am not going into plot points or giving any spoilers in this review. It's not worth it. Instead this is a plea to Mr. Sandler and the rest involved with the movie. Please find the spark that paved the way for your stardom. Please give us the humor and production value we are used to seeing from you. Please don't continue to destroy your legacy with films such as Sandy Wexler and the other Netflix features you have been putting out. I truly tried to like this film, but just couldn't.

I give Sandy Wexler 1 out of 5 stars. Please use your time for something more productive then watching this film. Adam Sandler used to have a solid track record and Netflix is capable of putting out great programming. The partnership between Sandler and Netflix should have been a no brainer and should have also been very successful. This was a failure.

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