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My uncle has been looking to take me to Las Palmas for a long time. He has been going there for a while and raved about the food. He told me of this giant meat platter that was s big that it took a table of men to finish it. The other night, he took us out to Las Palmas for a truly memorable night with good food, good times and of course, family.


When walking into Las Palmas. There really is not anything especially grand about the decor of the restaurant. I was impressed with how busy they were on a Tuesday night. The furniture and style of the restaurant is very dated. When you walk in, you walk by a steam table with ready to eat food for those who want a quick bit. Please don't misunderstand me, none of this is a bad thing. I personally enjoyed to older style of the place. I especially liked the table we ended up being seated at. It was a corner table by itself off to the back by the kitchen. It was private and gave a "big shot" feel. I felt on top of the world when we were seated. Besides it had a secure corner booth seat where it would be easy to keep my daughter from running around.



As you can see from above, the food looked amazing. First off we had the Mofongo De Camarones. For those who do not know, mofongo is a dish that features mashed plantains usually stuffed with some sort of meat. Ours featured shrimp. This dish was delicious and only got better with any of the sauces that were on the table.

The second dish is the Camarones Al Ajillo which is shrimp in a wonderful garlic sauce. My only issue with this dish was that we didn't get the rice to accompany it. Instead we had fried plantains, which was still great with the sauce on them but the rice would have taken this dish over the top.

On the bottom left, we enjoyed the Paella Marinera. This was yellow rice with clams, mussels, scallops, squid and a lobster tail in it. I love paella and always find myself ordering it whenever it is on a menu. This paella was seriously one of the best I've had. I truly enjoyed this dish as did my family. It is a definite must get if dining with Las Palmas.

The main event of the night was the Parrillada. This incredible combination dish had blood sausage, churizo sausage. juicy steak, chicken, pork and the thickest and most amazing short rib I've ever had. This dish is quite pricey as it is on the menu for $59.95, but man is it so worth every penny.


Our service during our visit was nothing sort of exceptional. The server made sure our food did not come out all at once and paced us well throughout our visit as we shared everything. She was quick to get our drinks and didn't leave us wanting for anything. She seems confused at my uncle's request to mix the red and white sangria. Who wouldn't be? No one really does this that I know of. By the way, it's delicious. All in all, it was a great time.



As you can see from above, my daughter was very happy at the end of our experience. I mean she had a giant dish of vanilla ice cream. Why wouldn't she be happy? The joy in her eyes reflected the joy we all felt after finishing our meal at Las Palmas. I give Las Palmas 4 out of 5 stars. This is authentic Cuban food served by people who enjoy what they do. You can tell from the food as it speaks for itself. If you haven't been to Las Palmas, it should definitely be the next place you go to. Be sure to ask for the dipping sauces for the bread basket.

Las Palmas is located:

6153 Bergenline Avenue

West New York, NJ 07093

PHONE #: (201) 861-1400

(201) 362-7429


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