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Mighty Quinn's BBQ had only opened a few weeks ago in the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ. They are a popular BBQ spot with 17 locations worldwide, 11 of them being in New York. With Paramus being their second New Jersey location, Mighty Quinn's may be on its way to doing what so many BBQ restaurants have failed at in this area in the past and have a successful expansion of their concept.


Upon walking into Mighty Quinn's you quickly see their layout as everything is out in the open with an open floor plan. They have counter service which means that you order what you want at the counter, they hand you the food and you take a seat in their dining room. They don't have a very large dining area as it looks liken it may seat up to 50 people. I ordered my food to go since I had just left work myself and just wanted to get home to my wife and daughter.



I usually talk about the food first. But since I ordered to go, service makes more sense to talk about now. The staff were very pleasant and hospitable. They also knew what they were selling which is a nice touch as I find that a lot of staff in other places don't really know anything about what they serve. Nice job training when it comes to food knowledge. I asked my questions and they had answers. I was impressed with the staff on the shift.



I ordered quite a bit of food when visiting Mighty Quinn's. The first item I ordered their spicy smoked wings. I got the six piece. By the time I arrived home, the skin of the wings were slightly soggy and I had to put them under to broiler to crisp them up a little. Before I put them under the broiler I did take a bite of one. The flavor was incredible, my only issue was the texture of the wing's skin after travel. I need to try these again in the restaurant next time to get the true experience.

Next I ordered the two meat combo with their famous beef brisket and spare ribs. The brisket was very good. It was super tender and seemed to melt in my mouth. It also had some pretty great flavor to it. It had a perfect blend of smoke and spices. The ribs were also very good. The meat was also tender and came off the bone nicely. Mighty Quinn's has a good smoking process that gives enough flavor without overdoing it. The combo came with a side of cole slaw, baked beans and french fries. I don't see myself ordering the beans again as I didn't really care for them. I like heat in my food, I just felt it wasn't needed with the other flavors in the side dish. All in all the combo came with 2 slices of briskets that were very thin and 3 spare ribs. Even though it tasted great and I enjoyed it, it was not worth the $16.95 that I paid for it. This was the only part of the meal that I felt was over priced and would have appreciated more for my money.

I also ordered some of their onion rings and sweet corn fritters for my wife. She enjoyed them greatly and matched the price point well.


I did not dine in for my first experience of Mighty Quinn's. This time I opted to do take out for a few reasons. Due to its location and size, I felt that it would have been better to test it out the way I believe they will make most of their sales (take out). I needed to see how the food traveled. I do plan on visiting the location again soon to try the food in the restaurant itself as I feel the quality may be better than what I had at home. I only live 15 minutes away and everything was ice cold already by the time I arrived home. Their take out packaging is not that well planned out. Many of the side dishes did not have a cover on them and just cooled rapidly in the car. I grabbed a fry half after I left the Garden State Plaza parking lot and it was already cold. I give Mighty Quinn's BBQ a 3 out of 5 stars. The only thing that brought up the score was the flavor of the brisket and ribs. I wish there was more in the combo as I felt it was over priced. I have paid good money for BBQ before as there are a few BBQ restaurants around me that have great food for a more reasonable price. Also, the lack of quality after traveling was a disappointment. Take put packaging is extremely important. The packaging looks cool and I get it. However, the packaging also needs to work to keep the quality of the food at least 80% of dine in expectations. I am anticipating my dine in visit and I will give an update when I do so.

Mighty Quinn's is Located:

1 Garden State Plaza Blvd.

Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone Number: (201) 843-1490


Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am - 11pm

Sunday: 11am - 9pm





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