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This weekend, the family and I took our yearly weekend trip up to Lake George, NY. Each year we head up to Lake George with my wife's family and we try a new restaurant on the second night on each trip. This time we went to S.J. Garcia's located right on Canada Street right next to the town's namesake lake.


I feel that I need to mention that service at S.J. Garcia's isn't anywhere near a fine dining experience. I didn't expect it to be. We arrived and asked for a table and there seemed to be some confusion from the host. She seemed to not really know what to do with us at the time. We had a larger group and it was early in the evening, so there were plenty of open tables. Our server was alright. She didn't give bad service, but also didn't give us anything to remember. She wasn't the type that would seem to go above and beyond for our experience. She didn't have much personality and was just an order taker. She did what seemed like the bare minimum, which lead to the decent service. But hey, all of our food came out correct which is always good when dining out.


What can I say about the food? From my point of view, there wasn't enough. I had the Cerdo BBQ Sanduche. It's a wonderfully tender pulled pork sandwich topped with a spicy jalapeno. The sandwich didn't need anything else than what it had. If it had more ingredients, it would have taken away from the great chipotle citrus flavor. I could have had two of these sandwiches, but I'm happy that I didn't. My wife had the Mexican Burrito. It had beans, tomatoes, cheddar and lettuce baked inside two flour tortillas. Topped with enchilada sauce and served with homemade guacamole and sour cream. My wife is pregnant and really has not been able to eat much at her stage in her pregnancy. She nearly finished the dish which says a lot for her. Don't let the photo above fool you as the burritos are not as big as they appear. My pulled pork sandwich was larger than the portion that she received. But it was perfect for her. Great job with the food here.


The service wasn't bad. It really wasn't. I know that I may have come off as unsatisfied and simply not pleased. I was just being my picky self. We were happy and we received what we ordered how we ordered it. That is better than a lot of places these days. The food was probably some of the most flavorful food that I've had in the past four years visiting Lake George. I have only said that I would revisit a restaurant again since I have been going up there and this would make number two. I would go back to S.J. Garcia's in a heart beat. I left full and satisfied. What else could you ask for when dining out.? I give S.J. Garcia's a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. Please be sure to visit them if you are up to Lake George, I'm sure you will love it. Enjoy!

Please visit S.J. Garcia's at:

192 Canada Street

Lake George, NY 12845

PHONE NUMBER: (518) 668-5111

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