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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I always like to highlight new small businesses that I may come across and this announcement is very special to me. I am super excited to share that my wife Sharon has started a new journey into refurbishing lost treasures. Sharon has has had a passion for revitalizing great quality furniture that may have seen better days but once she gets her sights on them, she refinishes them in ways that breathes new life into each piece. Her website,, may have been created only a few weeks ago but she has been the driving force in furnishing our home with these lost treasures for years. Click on this link for Refurb+Fab to see some of the work that she has done while also seeing how she has taking her solutions and applied them to pieces that are in progress.

Today was also a special day for Sharon because she has also officially joined the Blogging community by posting her very first blog. 'Vintage Shopping in Bergen County' is a fantastic peek into some of the local antique shops in our area which features beautiful photos of some of our findings along with two of our special creations (yes I am referring to our children).

Make sure to check out @refurb.and.fab on Instagram to see more of Sharon's finds along with fun Reels. Enjoy!

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