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Many of you may not know this but a fine cigar is something that I have been known to cherish throughout my adult life. I was never known as a smoker. I despise cigarettes. However when it came to cigars I have always looked at them differently. Was it because of the time and care of the tobacco leaf that went into each hand-rolled cigar? I believe a certain amount of respect came from that. I always considered a fine cigar the very same way that I look at a bottle of fine wine. There is an art to the craft. This craft was something that I studied as well as discussed frequently with friends. I for one was somewhat of a connoisseur back in the day and had a vast amount of knowledge of many of the brands out there.

I had never had a My Father Cigar before this past week. In fact it had been about 5 years since I had smoked my last cigar. I would not say that I had given it up. I am a father of two young daughters and felt that I should not smell of smoke when I played with them. It was something that my father-law said to me years ago. He told me that he too was one to enjoy a fine cigar but gave it up when his children were young. I always understood that but it truly hit home once my oldest was born. Once I made that decision, my knowledge in the craft seemed to fade away from absence of mind.

Fast forward to this past week. I had plans with my friend Peter who is more of a brother to me than anything. We were looking to have dinner together and catch up. He suggested that we smoke cigars and even said that he would bring two for us. He told me that he was very impressed with the My Father brand. Again it had been years since I had a cigar and I felt the excitement grow for the chance of having the experience of a fine cigar again. I asked if he minded if I brought the cigars. I desired to have the experience of walking into the cigar store and smell the wide array of aromas.

I won't get into talking about my visit to the Casa de Montecristo by JR Cigar because I plan to write another post about them. All I will say is that all of my passion and understanding seemed to come back and I felt that I wanted to get back into the craft. Case de Montecristo had an entire table dedicated to the My Father label and it was hard to decide. I ended up purchasing the Connecticut Edition.

Peter and I enjoyed a great dinner and it was time for our cigars. I took the cigar out of the wrapper and took in the beautiful bouquet of the tobacco before I lit it. The initial draw was smooth and quite delicious. The blend of the tobacco was really quite fantastic. I also appreciated the way the ash stayed consistent throughout the smoke of the cigar. It was a well made cigar due to how long the ash stayed on the end of the cigar. The flavor held true for the entire two hours that it took to smoke this incredible cigar. I have read some reviews about this cigar and to be honest, my pallet is not refined enough to pick up a lot of the tasting notes that I have read about. For that reason, I simply will not go that far in detail. However I will say that this cigar reignited a passion that I did not know that I missed as much as I do. Does this mean that I will become a frequent cigar smoker again? No, my daughters wouldn't have it. But it does mean that I will have one from time to time and do what I can to learn as much as I can about it when I do. Enjoy!

You can find My Father Cigars at or at most cigar shops.

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