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FRESH (2022)



RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2022


WRITERS: Lauryn Kahn


Daisy Edgar-Jones...Noa

Sebastian Stan...Steve

Jojo T. Gibbs...Mollie

Andrea Bang...Penny

Dayo Okeniyi...Paul

Charlotte Le Bon...Ann


Talk about a crazy trip of a movie. Fresh starts off innocent enough. We meet Noa played by Daisy Edgar Jones who I have not really seen much of but I am definitely curious to watch more of her work after watching this film. Noa is on a blind date with probably the most selfish person in the world that I personally would not consider a man. The date is going down hill but this guy thinks its going great I guess. Not only does he make her pay for her half of the bill but then packs her food to go for himself. Anyway the date from hell ends and she continues with her life until one day she is shopping in a grocery store and happens to meet a very nice man named Steve who seems to peak her interest as he leads a somewhat awkward conversation. They end up going on a few dates, sleep together and seem like they are falling in love way too fast. They seem to have incredible chemistry and Steve even asks Noa to go away with him for the weekend. Sounds like the start to what could become a great romantic comedy. WRONG!

Once they get to their destination which happens to be Steve's house in the woods, Steve and Noa sit down for drinks and have casual conversation as Noa begins to fade away and pass out. Steve even continues their conversation as she drifts off to sleep. We then see Noa coming to as if she is awakening from a nap. Steve is in the distance watching her sleep. Noa begins to speak with Steve as she looks to get up and notices that she is handcuffed to a chain. As she freaks out, Steve begins to tell her what is happening. Steve had revealed that he was a doctor earlier on in the film which lead Noa to deduce that he was some sort of plastic surgeon. Well Steve reveals that he is not in fact a plastic surgeon but a surgeon who butchered human victims alive and sold their meat to customers that intended to eat them. He was a product pusher for cannibals, the wealthy elite and he made a ton of money doing so. Steve told Noa that he intended to cut her meat from her body slowly over time with the goal of keeping her alive as long as he could to keep the meat as fresh as possible.

I know it seems like I revealed most of the movie but this is only within the first 30 or so minutes. The wild trip that happens after is where the real meat (pun intended) of the movie lays. Sebastian Stan does such a fantastic job being ruthless and likable at the same time. He pulled it off and he is a big part of why this film is so enjoyable but the real star is Daisy Edgar Jones. Without her performance, this film would not have worked at all. What Noa decides to do in this film to keep herself on Steve's good side is pretty extreme no matter how you look at it. There is a point where the character of Noa is played in a way that makes you believe that she still cares for Steve and forgets that she is a prisoner, but then the climax of the film hits and all of that goes away as she goes into the defensive.

Fresh was a very happy surprise of a film for me and I highly suggest that it is seen. Please take my word for it, open your Hulu app and watching this film right now. Enjoy!

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