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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I recently reviewed Dave & Buster’s and felt that I had to review another local spot that was most comparable to the arcade/restaurant vibe that Dave & Buster’s obviously is. Located closer to where I live, I have heard nothing but great things about Humdingers in Paramus. Things that I have heard was that they have great bowling lanes, batting cages, a video arcade, food and a bar. Friends have told me that they have great wings and that this venue is a lot of fun. I brought my family to Humdingers earlier in the week and wanted to tell you all about our experience.

Upon arriving we noticed that the location of Humdingers did not really make any sense to me. It is located in an area of Paramus where it is surrounded by office buildings and has a more industrial vibe due to the offices without actually being in an industrial area. I figured it would be better if located around a mall or even a true highway location. That’s just my opinion. Aside from that, I felt that the Humdingers logo on the brick in the front of the building was a pretty nice touch.

Once we walked in, I felt that the layout was a little awkward but that’s just due to the space of the location and I’m just being picky. We were greeted by two employees at the cash register in the front. I think they were the only two there, there may have been a third. We did not bowl or use the batting cages, my daughters are still too small for that but we definitely got a lot of use out of the games. We spent $50 for game credits and we were able to get much more use out of the $50 in Humdingers then we did in Dave & Busters. Yes Humdingers has a smaller selection of games but they are competitive to Dave & Busters and they actually all work. So you end up with more choices of game play if you think about it. Great work here.

I then noticed the bar. It was stocked with wine and promote BYOB. They actually do not have a functioning bar Which means that you cannot just walk up to it and order a beer. It has to do with their alcohol licens. It seems that they can serve wine but nothing else. If you want a beer, you better bring it yourself. I personally don’t mind BYOBs, experiences end up being less expensive this way.

We did plan on eating in Humdingers during our visit. However there was no one working the food window this day which was disappointing. Since we heard how good the pizza and wings were, we wanted to try them. I can’t truly hold this against them because with the staffing issues that we have these days, it’s more out of their control. We ended up just going to Applebee’s for dinner since it was just a 5 minute drive away.

Overall we had a lot of fun with our visit to Humdingers. We even left with prizes in our hands. I expect to go back and update this post once I try the wings. We also expect for Humdingers to be a replacement for Dave & Busters for us. It’s more affordable and has the other options when it comes to bowling and batting cages. I highly recommend Humdingers as it is a great time for all in the family. We will be back soon. Enjoy!

Humdingers is located:

64 E Midland Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652 Hours:

Monday thru Thursday 12–10PM




Phone: (201) 701-1900

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