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I have been a cigar lover for years. I have always enjoyed trying a new cigar and learning about the tabaco and what went into creating each variety as I discovered it. The Patriot Cigar Company is no different. Back in 2022, we saw the launch of The Patriot Cigar Company from founder Alan Jacoby who also happens to be the host of a few popular podcasts that you may have heard of such as The Great Divide, Freedom Friday, and We The People Radio with James Curry. Alan Jacoby is also the founder of The Patriot Podcast Network which hosts many great podcasts from great patriots throughout the country (read more about the Patriot Podcast Network in our post on Sergeant and the Samurai with this LINK). Since it's inception, we've seen public figures such as Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, Grant Stinchfield and many others smoke these premium cigars. Whoever has tried these cigars have said nothing but great things about them and helped to get this great brand to be a household name. Trust me when I say this, The Patriot Cigar Company deserves everything that is being said about it. Now let's start talking about these fantastic cigars.


Let's talk about the blender of these fine cigars for a minute and give some credit where it's due. Alejandro Gonzalez Arias is said to be the youngest among a small group of premium cigar rollers in Cuba. Alex has rolled exclusively for many well known celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Saudi royalty. Alex Gonzalez Arias has crafted blends with the best aged tobacco from the Esteli, Nicaragua region.


I want to start by saying that I felt that each cigar was my favorite of the bunch as I smoked them. That is how good these cigars are. Each cigar is listed below in the order that I smoked them. Yes they are all great but even with saying that, there is still one that is my favorite which I will highlight below.

The Hellfire is a full flavor 5.5"x60 cigar with a Maduro wrapper with a filler and binder from Nicaragua. This cigar gives a great pull with each drag. You can tell that the cigar itself had a great wrap and the ash actually stayed intact up to the band.

The Mark 48 Torpedo is a medium flavor 6"x52 cigar with a Habano 2000 wrapper with a filler and binder from Nicaragua. I am not usually a fan of the torpedo cigars as much as I am other varieties. I know that the pointed end is supposed to give a more concentrated flavor but I find that I personally get just as much flavor out of a rounded end. With that said, I did enjoy the Mark 48 much more than I have from other torpedo cigars.

The TNT is a medium flavor 6"x58 cigar with a Habano 2000 wrapper with a filler and binder from Nicaragua. This was my second favorite of the bunch. I loved the added string of tobacco on the cigar to mimic detonating cord from dynamite. It looked great when this feature lite up when the ash burned down to it. Overall this cigar was a close number two to my top pick and I see myself having a box of these on hand.

The MOAB (Mother of all Bombs} is a full flavor 6.5"x60 cigar with a Maduro wrapper with a filler and binder from Nicaragua. This was my absolute favorite of the bunch. The flavor and body of the cigar were elevated in my opinion. I found myself holding the smoke in my mouth just a little longer than the other cigars because I enjoyed the taste. It's just my personal taste. This would be my first choice go to cigar moving forward if I have to choose one. I see myself smoking these for years to come.

Truth be told, there were no lesser quality cigars in the entire bunch. I plan on smoking all of these varieties moving forward. Again the Mark 48 falls a little short to me due to my personal taste but it's a fine cigar.


The Patriot Cigar Company has more than just premium cigars, but they also have premium merchandise. Pictured above you will see the hat and t-shirt that are offered on their website. The hat not only looks good but feels great on my head. The t-shirt is ultra comfortable due to its blend of 50% cotton, 25% polyester, and 25% rayon. I also love the design. Patriot Cigar Company also has more great items on the website as well such as a "We The People Hat" which you will see me post on social media once I order it plus a hoodie, solid black marble ash tray, coffee tumbler and a beautiful stainless steel case with a cutter which I also plan of ordering.

Like I said above, you get great quality from great products. It also doesn't hurt that the Patriot Cigar Company has their patriotic priorities in the right place. They also have a great program where you can buy a cigar for a deployed service member. Just head over to now and see for yourself. Trust us, you will be happy that we recommended it.

Be sure to check out KnightSlayer Publishing which you can find along the tabs at the top of this page or at this LINK. KnightSlayer is home to all of my short story books and novels. You can also stay current with what's to come!

Also watch the Patriot Podcast Network on Roku to get the latest commentary and interviews in American politics, conspiracies, and unfiltered truth. It’s time to ditch the mainstream media, embrace free thinking and hold the government accountable. We are the news now.

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