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During my latest visit to Trader Joe's, I saw a great opportunity to try something new. My wife and I were looking in the frozen isle and saw the Mandarin Style Orange Chicken Bowl. If you've my read previous product reviews for Trader Joe's, you would know that they have not disappointed me yet. Let's see how this Orange Chicken Bowl ranked up.

The bowl itself is a small portion for my personal standards but with 540 calories to the box, how could I complain since it should be enough to satisfy my hunger. With that said, the photo does allude to a larger portion than what you actually get. The chicken pieces were small and made up of dark meat pieces. I love dark meat so I felt that was fine but if you are one who prefers white meat, you will most likely not like this. The vegetables were also squished below the meat and were tiny as well although packed a decent amount of flavor. The directions on the box instruct you to heat the bowl in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. My microwave is still relatively new and cooks in what is considered to be the high setting but I still had to add another 2 minutes to the cook time, so just be aware.


Overall the bowl was pretty tasty. The sauce had great orange flavor and the chicken was much juicy than I expected after first sight right out of the microwave. I would definitely buy this product again but would also look to have something else with it. It ended up not satisfying my hunger as I had hoped above. I would suggest giving the Orange Chicken a try if you just wanted a small and quick meal. Unfortunately I would not recommend it over any of the other Trader Joe's food that I have tried already.

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