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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Podcasting has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, a lot of people that I speak to prefer listening to podcasts over traditional radio or television. With the growing lack of trust in ”mainstream media” a lot of us now get our news from podcasters such as The Sergeant and Samurai and many others. Let’s be honest, networks like CNN, NBC, and even Fox News and NEWSMAX cannot be trusted to give unbiased information at this point. Many of the journalists that we had grown to trust have taken to repeating false narratives. Without honest reporting we do not have access to information needed to make educated decisions that affect elections and change the tide of the world.

If you listen to Sergeant and The Samurai, you will see that these are two individuals who really do not consider themselves in the same category of those that I have described above. These are really just two guys who decided one day to talk about things that were getting on their nerves about what is happening to our fine country and felt that there needed to be a place to voice these opinions. The Sergeant and The Samurai Podcast was born and 92 episodes later they have gained a great following and become part of a community of patriots that speak truth without holding back. One half of Sergeant and the Samurai is Sergeant Steven Mallet. Steve is a veteran who served over seas and saw combat. He risked his life for his county and is a true patriot. I first met Steve back in middle school and I had always thought he was a good guy. I was not surprised when I first heard Steve began this podcast since he bleeds the red, white and blue and wants nothing more than to help bring our country back to greatness. The other half of the team is The Samurai Garrett Goldsberry. He's a self made business owner of a successful mixed martial arts school. I have never met Garrett personally but have talked to him through social media from time to time. Garrett has been open to talking about local and federal issues each time we've messaged each other. These are two guys that I would love to buy a beer for one day.

Let's face it, we live in a world now where we can’t even trust the public educational system to teach children unbiased information. Instead some of the teachers (thankfully not all but more than you should be comfortable with) are forcing their own distorted personal beliefs on our children. We live in a world where our politicians do not have our best interest at heart. I know what you'll say, who can truly trust a politician? My answer would be asking you more questions. Don't they work for us? Aren't they supposed to have our best interest at heart? Isn't that why they seek election from us? Just so you know, the answer to each of those questions is YES. How would we know any better unless we asked questions? The information that we are given each day from our "supposed trusted" news sources has proven to be falsified. Sadly trust has been broken where it should not be and we need to find out the truth for ourselves by any means at our disposal.

Personally I was someone who began listening to their show about nine months ago. It might be longer but who's really counting? When the world seemed to begin to go crazy during January/February 2020, I was like many people. I believed what I was told and did what I thought was the "right" thing to do. We listened to our respective governors on television every day and thought they were doing great work. However in the industry that I am in, I was considered an essential worker and never had to stay home like most people did then. I traveled the empty roads and highways and was exposed to all of the COVID risks every minute of every day. I began to notice things that did not make sense and questioned mandates along with my wife. For a while we felt alone in what we thought. Then I saw Steve post about his new Podcast on Facebook. I listened to a few episodes but was also caught up in the craziness that the world had become and suffered a great lose in our family (not COVID related). Then there was a period of feeling that great loss, which I still feel deeply to this day, and I listened to one episode of Sergeant and The Samurai where I felt that they were saying exactly what my wife and I had been discussing early that very same day. They were one of the first that made me feel that we were not alone. Steve and Garrett pretty much opened the door to an entire community of people who felt what we felt and wanted to help spread the truth because those that were trusted to do so weren't doing their jobs. For this I will always be grateful for what these two guys do each and every week but what the entire community does as well. Thank you all!

Sergeant and The Samurai has since become more popular and have gained a following due to their desire to spread truth and help make America great again. Garrett of Sergeant and The Samurai has also started a new segment on Monday's called the Samurai Silver Report with Dr. Kirk Elliott where they discuss the economy and give tips on how to protect your money during these unsure times that we are living in. They have since joined the Patriot Podcast Network which is on Roku. The Patriot Podcast Network also features other shows such as The Great Divide, We The People Radio, Pilsners & Politics, Two Doomed Men, Whiskey Beer & Conspiracies Podcast, Red White & Truth, White Rabbi7 Podcast, Redpill Project and many more. What makes the Patriot Podcast Network so great is that all of these shows bring different perspectives of what is going on in our country and the world. Sergeant and The Samurai has also had on great guests such as Florida Congressional candidate Darlene Swaffar, Congressional candidate Joe Kent, Karen Kingston among others as well as crossovers with other shows.

Follow Sergeant and The Samurai on Instagram and Facebook @sergeantsamurai and @sergeantsamurai2.0

Watch Sergeant and The Samurai on Rumble: Sergeant and The Samurai and on The Patriot Podcast Network on Roku.

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