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RUNNING TIME: 12 episode series - Each episode is 1 hour

RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2022

DIRECTOR: J.Q. Lee, Kim Nam-Soo - undisclosed episodes

WRITERS: Seong-il Cheon


Ji-hu Park...Nam On-jo / ...12 episodes, 2022

Chan-Young Yoon...Lee Cheong-san / ...12 episodes, 2022

Yi-Hyun Cho...Choi Nam-ra / ...12 episodes, 2022

Park Solomon...Lee Su-hyeok / ...12 episodes, 2022

In-soo Yoo...Yoon Gwi-nam / ...12 episodes, 2022

Jeon Bae-soo...Nam So-ju / ...12 episodes, 2022

Byeong-cheol Kim...Lee Byeong-chan / ...12 episodes, 2022

Kyoo-hyung Lee...Song Jae-ik / ...12 episodes, 2022

Sang-Yeon Son...Jang Woo-jin / ...12 episodes, 2022

Victoria Grace...On-jo12 episodes, 2022

Lisa Yamada...Hyo-Ryeong12 episodes, 2022

Harrison Xu...Chung-san12 episodes, 2022

Darren Keilan...Lee Su-Hyeok12 episodes, 2022

Ru Kumagai...Lee Na Yeon12 episodes, 2022

Rich Ting...Chief of Staff Seon-Moo12 episodes, 2022

Greg Chun...Jae-Ik12 episodes, 2022

Sanyee Yuan...Anchorwoman / ...12 episodes, 2022

Lee Yoo-mi...Lee Na-yeon / ...11 episodes, 2022

Nicole Fong...Ha-ri11/ ...11 episodes, 2022

Ivan Mok...Min-jae/ ...9 episodes, 2022


I always find it difficult to review television series. It is different than a movie because instead of watching a two hour block of story telling, you get hours upon hours of story telling and it can be difficult to remember it all in a way that truly captures what you watched. The thing about this series is, it's hard to forget. The story is compelling, dramatic and even funny at times without taking away from the gore factor. Trust me, they show things in this series that made me gasp at times.

"All Of Us Are Dead" begins in a way where we are just thrown into a situation that is already running its course. There is a group of high school bullies that are picking on and beating up on a poor student. For whatever reason it seems they are on a roof top at night in the rain. As the poor teenager is being beat up, his body begins to convulse in a manner that I can only describe as creepy and strange. He suddenly seems to take on strength out of no where while he also starts to make zombie noises. Again, there is no set up and we do not know what is happening at this time. This continues for a short time until one of the bullies throws the teen off of the roof to his seemingly demise. Later at the hospital we meet a sad father looking for his son. This is the teen's father. The father finds his son's body in the morgue only to see the body reanimate. His son speaks to him. The teen is angry and wants to kill. The last we see of this father and son from this very early scene in the series is in a parking garage where the man packed his son into a suitcase. Have I spoiled enough? No way, this is still in the early minutes of the first episode.

Long story short, the teen's father actually teaches at the local high school and inadvertently created a virus that creates zombies. We then dive into 12 episodes of gory, zero forgiveness mayhem as a group of high school teens try to fight off the zombie horde as get to safety.

Listen, zombies have been being done so much in the last 10 to 15 years and beyond for that matter that one would think what else can they do to make this genre exciting? This show pulls it off. Not only are the zombies menacing and vicious, this series also introduces another kind of zombie that is even more terrifying. Don't worry, I won't spoil that part...

...I can't believe you trusted that. Of course I'm going to spoil that. There is a small number of zombies that stay coherent. They have their minds intact and are essentially themselves but now they need to feed on people. They are stronger and heal despite the injury. It's actually a really nice touch and a first that I have seen something like. Just watch and you'll see.

If you have not seen this series, you seriously need to set aside some time and watch every single episode. You won't be able to stop. It's a binge worthy show. I highly recommend this series and I cannot wait for season two. If you do get to check it out, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you thought. I would love to discuss it. Enjoy!

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