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We cover everyday issues and nothing is off limits. The Sgt is a Combat veteran, former Google employee, NYC Ironworker & current Powerline Worker. The Samurai owns and operates his Mixed Martial Arts Academy in NJ and has 4 Black Belts in 4 different disciplines. We are husbands, fathers and have been friends for over 20 years. You are going love this show! Remember Live FREE or DIE! Doing this for America...

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Welcome to Entry to Comics where the talk is all comics all the time!! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been reading comics since the Golden Age or if you’ve just recently been introduced to these awesome heroes and/or villains by the movies or latest series and want to know more about them and the universes that created them! This podcast, hosted by your fellow comic nerds Sam and Willie, will cover comics from Marvel to DC to Image to independents and all things in between!! Sam and Will cover storylines, illustrations, creators, and timelines! Join them as they go over a different comic every episode and take you through their roller coaster of emotions! Whether you’re reading these comics for the first time or have read them so much you memorized the words, this podcast is for you!!

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Uncensored talk about politics and swamp trolls in government that divide us as Americans!  Brought to you from the founder of the Patriot Podcast Network and the Patriot Cigar Company, Alan Jacoby.

Get all the video episodes at 1776LIVE.TV

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Two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.

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