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John Boccellari

Mar 28, 2023

Our greatest fear.

Today was a day that families in Nashville, Tennessee will not soon forget. Six were tragically killed, three were children with ages ranging from 9 and younger. I will not reveal the names of the victims out of respect for them and their familes. No one could have imagined the nightmare that would come from this day. No one could have imagined that a 28 year old transgender woman would be the means of such destruction.

What is known as of now? From what I have read so far, the shooter who's name was Audrey Hale, was formly a student of the Christian School. This was a school that held grades kindergarten through sixth grade. Audrey Hale was heavily armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a hand gun. Audrey Hale surveyed the school and planned her exact moves to create as much damage and death as she could. Audrey Hale was finally shot dead by local police at the horrid act of violence.

This was a disgusting crime by an even uglier individual. I will repeat Audrey Hale's name as much as needed throughout this article in order for all who read to not forget her name. The mass media will look to spin this as much as they can for whatever narrative they can. They will try to blame the christianity. They will try to blame the right. They will blame whoever they have to in order to keep their narrative in place. Blame needs to go where blame deserves to be given. Sole blame needs to be placed on a crazy individual named Audrey Hale and the insane community that sympathizes with this behavior. This was a hate crime clear and simple. The hate crime was commited against a religious community and not one so called news network is calling it what it is.

What do we do to ensure that our children are protected? Sadly, school shootings have become something that happens quite often during these times. I will admit that my wife and I fear that this will happen in our own schools. How do we ensure that our children don't have to fear going to school? How do we save the most special people in our lives from the future Audrey Hale's of the world? These are the questions that we ask ourselves every day. The scary thing is, there doesn't seem to be an answer that truly solves the tragic possibilies of this world that we live in. All we can do is make sure that our children have the sense and tools they need to protect themselves the best they can in situations like this. It's a horrifing thought, a thought that I depise that is in my head. But sadly, it's reality.

Our condolenses go out to the familes in Nashville and hope that you can all find some peace one day. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Keep your eyes on here and our Instagram @patriotpulse_offical for more information as it develops. We won't let the truth get lost like it so often does.

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