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John Boccellari

Apr 5, 2023

Where have all the sane people gone?

Today was a day where America would change forever with an arraignment that should have never been. President Trump was arraigned for 34 felony charges that no one seems to understand by a seemingly corupt District Attorney in Alvin Bragg. Never before in the history of this country has a former president been charged for a crime that was not actually a crime. Never before in this country has anyone had misdemeanor charges elevated to felonies in this fashion. Yes one could hope that this sort of witch hunting would open up the flood gates of those who have come before President Trump to see the darkness of a jail cell as well. Even so, President Trump should not have to go through such villainy from Alvin Bragg or those who pull his strings. This discourse has done nothing but create further division among the American people and shown the world that the Democratic Party is nothing but the true evil that this world needs to overcome.

Talking about division. Today I went through something that I have never really gone through before. I was attacked through social media this morning by a few people which have been friendly and supportive through the years through another of my ventures. I was shocked that this happened. It happened on my Partriot Pulse Instagram account. These two individuals attacked my support for our great President Trump and called him criminal as they said that he deserved to be in prison. I of course defended this slander and asked what crime they felt he was being charged for. Niether could give me an answer but only resorted to more cruelty. I then brought up the other politicians that they liked such as Obama, Biden and Clinton and that they would now be open to such accountabilty, their response was that "doesn't a trail have to happen before guilt is assumed?" I then threw their words back at them as I called them hypoccrites since they had President Trump labled as guilty before a court appeareance even happened.

The point of this is that these were people that I follwed and supported in the past as self published authors. We have been part of a tight knit community for quite some time. Today all of that came to an end with a few simple words. Am I upset that it happened? Sure, I'm human. Will I dwell on it? I assure you that I will forget about it after this post. Why am I willing to give up on people such as this? I really don't see it that way. The entire purpose of Patriot Pulse is to help wake up those who are lost and misguided. Do I feel that these few individuals are lost forever? Sadly yes. They are two very sad examples of those who will convict someone without really knowing even the smallest parts of the story. They feel that they know what they know, mostly based off of biased fake news sources who steer a narrative but never actually do the leg work of finding truth.

I gave said it before and I'll say it again, President Trump is in fact the only person who can get through the shit storm that is about to rain doen upon him and walk away with more than he had going in. This witch hunt will only accomplish a few things. One, Alvin Bragg will fail horribly in this crime against Americans, Yes it is a crime against Americans. Two, he President Trump will win the oval office again but will be made even stronger for it. Three, it will bring our beloved country to its knees before it gets better. It's sad to think about but more likely true. The only thing that we can guarantee for ourselves is that the country may never be the same. Again, this country may never be the same. What chance do we have to be the great nation that we were? Can we get that back? What are we coming to?

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