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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Whenever we visit Long Island we have to stop at one of my wife's favorite places. Zim Zari is a popular Baja-Style Surf Shack that is famous for its Mexican Tacos which is located in Massapequa, NY. Their menu features great appetizers, handmade tacos, "wok'd" bowls, and much more to please your palate.

Zim Zari Wok'd Bowl

Today I tried something new to stray from my usual burrito. I had the Chicken Orange Bowl which is featured on the "Wok'd" Bowls section (pictured above). The Chicken Orange bowl was a beautiful blend of scallions, red pepper, orange and ginger sauce accompanied by either rice or udon noodles. I chose to have the dish with the noodles which went with the sauce very well. The chicken was lightly coated with flour and fried to give it a slight crunch to the bite and helped it to absorb some of the essence of the sauce. I was very pleased with the sweet orange flavor of the noodles and the great flavor of the ginger. If I were to rate the dish numerically 1-10, I would give the dish a 9 on appearance, an 8 on flavor and an 8 texture. I feel the dish could have been a little hotter when brought to the table as the temperature of the dish felt as if it had been sitting in the window a little longer than it should have. Overall, the dish was a success as I finished the entire plate.

Zim Zari Dessert

Finally, for dessert I had their Prep Cake. This cake although delicious, had a very "Store Bought" feel to it. There is nothing wrong with buying desserts from an external vendor. But I personally feel that when a place like Zim Zari makes everything on their menu with fresh ingredients, their desserts would benefit from the same homemade feel. You can just tell the quality of a cake in its flavor and texture when it is made on site.

I fully recommend that everyone should visit Zim Zari as I know that you will be pleased. Don't forget the margaritas! The staff is great and the restaurant deserves the patronage.

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