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The Good Life is an English Style Pub in Massapequa Park, NY which is especially popular amongst 20 and 30 year olds during late night. My wife and I have visited the location for the past few years as I have always longed for their Chicken Pot Pie. This is not always easy as we live in New Jersey and we can't always make it out there. Luckily we do have family in the Massapequa area. When we go out to Long Island, I try to treat myself to The Good Life whenever possible.

First up was the Chicken Soup. I often order Chicken Soup when I go out to eat. I feel it's a nice Chicken Soup is a nice way to start a meal. As pictured above, this Chicken Soup featured shredded chicken, mirepoix and orzo. The soup sadly was not hot by any means when it was brought to the table. In fact, I couldn't even consider it to warm. The flavors were good, but Chicken Soup should be hot and I would have enjoyed it much more if it were. I was disappointed that I was let down from the Good Life so soon into my visit.

My wife had the Zucchini Sandwich (pictured above). The sandwich features Fried Zucchini, Tomato Jam, Fresh Mozzarella, Balsamic Reduction and Mixed Greens. My wife LOVED this sandwich. The zucchini was perfectly crispy and each ingredient complemented each other perfectly. Good job Good Life.

Okay it's time for the main event. The reason I love The Good Life. The reason I travel over an hour from where I live. The "Epic" (I personally refer to it as epic to everyone I talk to about this) Chicken Pot Pie (NOT pictured above). The Chicken Pot Pie pictured above is actually referred to as the Chicken Pot Pie V.2 in the menu. If you don't believe me, please go to their website and see for yourself.

Okay I'm going to lay this out as clear as I can and to do that I need to talk about the Chicken Pot Pie V.1 (This is how I will distinguish between the two). The V.1 featured Pulled Chicken, PUFF PASTRY, Carrots, Peas, TABASCO GRAVY, and a Baked Mashed Potato Topping. The ingredients in bold CAPS were what made the V.1 one of the greatest things I have ever eaten. The combination of the chicken, mashed potatoes, spicy gravy and puff pastry created a unique flavor and texture in my mouth that I found myself craving frequently in my life. There was no need to fix what was not broken.

Now on to the Chicken Pot Pie V.2 (pictured above). I do not want my love for the V.1 to make anyone think that the V.2 was not good. The V.2 was actually very good, it just pales in comparison to the V.1. The Chicken Pot Pie V.2 featured Pulled Chicken, a BUTTERMILK BUSCUIT, Carrots, Peas, GRAVY (plain chicken gravy), and a Baked Mashed Potato Topping. The ingredients in bold CAPS seriously change what this Pot Pie was. The biscuit is cut in half. The bottom half is placed at the bottom of the pot pie and the top half is used as a garnish as seen in the picture. The biscuit does work well when eating all ingredients together in one spoon full, but it only makes you wish for the V.1 recipe. The Gravy does work well also, but comes off as bland compared to the flavorful Tabasco Gravy.

I don't know if the recipe change happened due to simplification for the kitchen or they just wanted to try something new. I am just one person that begs, please bring back the V.1. I know I am coming off as super harsh on The Good Life and I really don't mean to as I am a huge fan of them and what they do as an eatery and pub. The Chicken Pot Pie V.2 is an excellent dish and love the fact that they use actual gravy in their pot pie as opposed to a cream based gravy as some restaurants do.

Overall my wife and I had a good experience with the exception of the soup. We have always had great meals and great service. I do recommend The Good Life to all as it is a good time.

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