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Amy Adams as Dr. Louise Banks

Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly

Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber

I went into seeing this film filled with expectations. You think will this be your typical alien movie. You hope that there wasnt a waste with the talent that is in the film. Judging from the commercials, you continue to ask the same questions. What do the aliens want? Why are they here? In the beginning of the movie we get to meet Amy Adams' character Dr. Louise Banks. There is much more heart in the beginning of this film that any other alien movie I have seen. In fact in takes a good 15 minutes into the movie until we get any hint of aliens.

Here is the thing. I really do not want to give away any spoilers. I know I stated that there may be spoilers in the beginning of this review, but I really do other want to ruin the film for anyone. All I will say is, like I already tasted, this film begins full of heart. The film is full of heart throughout. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner truly deliver great performances. Forest Whitaker is also great. This film made me feel emotions not only as a human but also as a father. There were a number of times I drifted off and thought of my own daughter. Once you see the film, you will understand. The way that the possibility of an alien threat or possibility of no threat was handled in the film was nicely done in my opinion. I found myself growing a greater appreciation for all the work put into the film once I realized what was in fact happening in the movie and how the events of the film actually occurred in the film's timeline. This was a great success in not only acting and writing, but a great credit goes to the director.

If you want to see a film that makes you feel and think and become involved, please go see Arrival. Now if that is not what your looking for, then still give the film a chance as I guarantee enjoyment.

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