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This was my second time to Bermuda and we were definitely not there long enough. We had plans to head out to Hamilton to enjoy a nice dinner at The Hog Penny (this is the place that inspired Cheers in Boston and then eventually the hit television series), but our three year old's temper tantrums made us rethink the short ferry trip. Even though we decided to stay close to the ship for the quick 33 hours that we were in Bermuda, King's Warf did offer great activities to keep ourselves busy. Before I talk about how we spent out time, I want to discuss two destinations that we did get to do that we intended to.



Our first time to Bermuda was about four years ago and our first destination on that trip was to the pink sands of Elbow Beach. It was a real shame that we did not get to visit this location this time around. As seen in the photo above, the water is a clear and bright turquoise blue. The beach itself is clean with a course pink sand that really gives you a true sense of paradise. This is a place that we will make sure not to miss out on the next time we head to Bermuda.



Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. This beautiful city is where you'll find the best night life and a fun taste of the culture. When we traveled there four years ago, we were fortunate to come across a wonderful street fair. Vendors with food, drinks and local retail goods took over the streets. Music played as locals and tourists laughed together. We walked the fair for a bit and then wound up in a small bar. To this day, Hamilton still finds a way to come up in conversation between my wife and I. Again, we were sad to have missed out on Hamilton this time around.



Do you remember the old NBC television series Cheers? Well that show was based on a real bar in Boston called Cheers. Did you know that Cheers in Boston was actually inspired by another bar? The inspiration came from a little place in Hamilton called The Hog Penny. The Hog Penny is one of Bermuda's oldest licensed establishments. The food is great and the staff is friendly. The night we were there, a two piece band set up and blew us all away with their music. It was a very memorable night. Again, we wish we made it back.

Now back to what we did get to do on our trip this time around. Like I said earlier, we were limited to hanging out by King's Warf at the Naval Dock Yard. This was in no way a bad thing as there was still plenty for us to do.

Snorkel Park Beach was located walking distance from our ship. Surrounded by the fortified historic stone walls, the water is a little darker than the turquoise color of Elbow Beach. But please do not misunderstand me, it was still clear and beautiful. It was a little cloudy that day and the air temperature was cooler then expected, but we still had two great days of the beach. Pictured above, you can see my daughter. she had a lot of fun in the water and really enjoyed seeing fish swim up to us. Her favorite part was when I was surround by about 20 white fish. She laughed due to seeing me laughing due to the fish continuously brushing against my legs. She referred to it as a "big funny." There is an "on beach" restaurant and bar. The drinks are delicious and the food is a little over priced, but still good.

One area that my daughter wanted to see was Dolphin Quest at the National Museum of Bermuda. We paid $15 each for my wife and I and my daughter had free admission. They had something for everyone. You get to see the history of the island and then you can get to play with the dolphins. There is an extra cost to experience Dolphin Quest, but it's worth it. We did not let my daughter interact with the dolphins this time around due to the fact that she is three years old and too small. She did try to remove her shoes in order to try to swim with the dolphins, it was hilarious to see her try. We plan on swimming with the dolphins the next time we go to Bermuda.


We enjoyed meals at both The Frog and Onion Pub & Restaurant and Bone Fish Bar & Grill. As I have done with past entries into this series, I will be releasing detailed reviews of both restaurants.


Bermuda is a beautiful island that has amazing sites and an incredible way of life. This British territory prides itself of its history and makes all visitors feel welcome. I recommend Bermuda as a fantastic vacation spot whether you fly there or get there by cruise ship. My only complaint about the trip would be that we did not have enough time on the island. We cannot wait to go back.

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