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Michael Fassbender as David/Walter

Katherine Waterston as Daniels

Billy Crudup as Oram

Danny McBride as Tennessee

Demian Bichir as Lope

Jussie Smollett as Ricks

Callie Hernandez as Upworth

Carmen Ejogo as Karine

James Franco as Branson (uncredited)

Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland (uncredited)

Noomi Repace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (uncredited)



As a fan of the Alien franchise, I have always found it exciting, scary and fun. We really had no idea where the Xenomorph of the original franchise came from. Prometheus gave us a piece of that origin. Prometheus introduced us to the Engineers and David. The Engineers are a race of aliens who develop the biological weapon that would end up eventually becoming the Xenomorph. David is an 8th generation android developed by Weyland Industries that develops more of an independent AI then originally designed. He is the key factor who becomes obsessed with this biological weapon and develops the Neomorph/Xenomorph.



One thing that always personally freaked me out about this series of films were the facehuggers. The way they sprung onto someones face to implant them with what would become the Xenomorph. These things always found a way to get out of my skin because they reminded me of alien spiders. I hate spiders, just look at how creepy these can be. I fear them more then the actual Xenomorph. They were represented well here.


I have heard that Covenant was the worst of the Alien franchise everywhere I turn. Yes, do they spend a lot of time developing the story and is there a lot of the David character? Sure, but you would need a story to develop for there to be an ultimate climax. Was there fun to be had throughout the film? Yes. Were there some lagging moments? Yes. I am the type of person who likes to be educated on the evolution of a character let alone a species of carnivorous aliens. I enjoyed seeing how David took this weapon and wanted to craft to what he felt was perfection. I liked seeing his sketches of each stage of the evolution process of the alien species. I was interested in hearing his morbid interpretation of why humanity needed to be destroyed. It was a little much, but it gave him purpose. ***THE REST OF THIS SECTION IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. I DID THIS INCASE YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE END OF THE MOVIE. READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.***


I posted if I should see this film on my Instagram account this morning and one guy told me that this movie was horrible. I don't agree. As I feel that there were better films in this franchise, Alien Covenant was not horrible. It did have areas that it probably could have improved itself on, but I feel that the next installment will make this film work better. At least I have faith that it will. I give Alien Covenant 3 stars out of 5. Even though I felt a little let down at the end of the film due to all of the positive press, I am still hopefull this franchise will ultimately pay off if it continues forward. Please I beg Ridley Scott and all involved, do not let anyone remake this franchise. It does not need it.


I feared for the colonists and the last members of the crew that were is stasis when we found out David was able to take control of the Covenant ship (sorry for spoiling the ending if your eyes wondered down here). What would they go through when they were awakened? Would David experiment on them one by one? We don't know that. We know what the future holds because the original four movies have not happened yet. But we don't know what David plans to do with the Xenomorphs between Covenant and the first Alien movie when we meet Ripley.

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