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I recently had been in Ridgewood New Jersey with my wife and we walked the town looking for somewhere to have a quick lunch. Ridgewood is full of nice and popular restaurants and the choices were tough. My wife than noticed Leon Mexican Cuisine off the main road just as we were talking how we were in the mood for Mexican food. We arrived at Leon at around 2 pm. I was a little surprised that there were no guests in the restaurant at the time. Sure, we were having a late lunch but other places that we had passed on the road had decent business in their establishments. Still, we felt this would be our best bet due to our moods and cravings.


The interior of the restaurant was bright and colorful. The place is super clean which of course is a great thing. There is nothing worse than chipped paint or under-maintained furnishings. The restaurant looked brand new. The location has only been there for a year, but it still looks great. We were seated promptly and greeted quickly. Great first impression.


I ordered the Steak Taco De Leon. The tacos were served with delicious steak with tomatoes and onions that tasted truly refreshing. It was served in soft corn tortilla with avocado tomatillo salsa (it's the green stuff and it was amazing) and rice and beans. The first bit brought a smile to my face. I would have ordered another plate if I could as I was filled up afterward. Thinking back, I wish I took some home.


The server was nice. This was not a the best service however she did make sure that we received what we ordered. I felt that she just went through the motions of service but not really engaged. I personally felt she didn't want to be there. Again, she was nice and all. But your guests should never get that impression.


I loved my experience at Leon. The food was delicious, the restaurant was beautiful and the service was good. Again back to service, the server only went through the steps of service but did not wow us. I felt that she could have been a little more engaged when she was at our table. With that said, I give Leon 4 out of 5 stars. The food and the ambiance were truly delightful. Service was good, but not great. I really do look forward to returning to Leon, maybe next time for dinner. I would love to see the place at night.

Leon Mexican Cuisine is located:

16 Chestnut Street

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Phone: (201) 857-0297

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