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Back in July of 2016 in the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers, the final panel of the book reveal our beloved Captain America saying the words "Hail Hydra." This came across to many fans as a complete betrayal of America's greatest and most honorable heroes. Personally, I saw this as a massive shake up that created more drama and shock to the world of Marvel Comics. Marvel took the ultimate good guy and turned him into the world's greatest liar. He was revealed to be a sleeper agent for Hydra all along. This betrayal took the Marvel Universe by storm and before we knew it, Hydra had complete control of the entire country. Steve Rogers still used the Captain America name and he still believed within his heart that the work he did was for the ultimate good. It was just for Hydra's definition of good which is distorted and evil.


During this arc, we've seen 'Cap' kill former allies and friends such as Rick Jones, Natasha Romanova 'The Blackwidow,' Bucky Barnes (he was actually transported to the past), Bruce Banner (Rogers had Banner brought back to life to use the Hulk as a weapon against the Avengers and all of Las Vegas. He has done some pretty nasty things in the name of Hydra. And he believes he is doing good and that Hydra is the path to salvation for the world.


It becomes revealed that Kobik (fragments of a cosmic cube that take the form of a little girl), rewrote Captain America's history to make him into the sleeper agent of Hydra. She changed Steve Rogers' past and is the reason for the existence of Hydra Captain America. It is still confusing why she would help to bring back the original Steve Rogers to save the day.

Okay enough back story, let's get into it. Whenever a comic book company decided to kill off a character or change a character in a big way like they did here with Captain America, they usually have an "end game" to the story line that will usually make their fans and readers happy. The Death of Superman arc gave us four new and powerful characters while also bringing back the Man of Steel in a big way. The Knight Fall arc, made us hate the new Batman and had us go crazy happy when Bruce finally took back the mantle of the bat. Spider-man's Clone Saga, although confusing, still had a big pay off.

The point is that these publishers will look to stir the pot and create some controversy in order to keep these characters alive and interesting. When I saw the image above of our true hero Steve Rogers, my reaction was priceless. "Hydra Cap" was finally going to get what was coming to him and it was going to be epic. When the real Captain America used Thor's hammer to defeat him, I was happy with the "end game." I received the pay off of the arc. We got out hero back and saw that he was worthy of being the hero we all know and love.

Thank you Marvel! You destroyed our hero only to bring him back in the best way possible.

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