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I just read an article where 20th Century Fox is looking to sell a majority of their company to Disney. If this news is true and the deal does in fact go through, we could be seeing the X-Men in the MCU and once again the MCU landscape would change for the better (Spider-Man was the first time the landscape changed). This deal would be for Disney to take over all of Fox's entertainment and media properties with the purchase and leaving Fox with sports and news. From what I gather, Fox wants to focus more on sports and news.

This would be a comic fan's dream come true. Speaking for myself, I have been dying to see Wolverine vs Hulk on the big screen as it has been a beloved story line in the comics for years. Speaking of Wolverine, anyone remember the conditions that Hugh Jack made for him to play Logan again? It would have to be in the MCU. Please I hope this happens.

Don't forget the other properties that Fox has the movie rights to. Fantastic Four and Deadpool would be part of this acquisition. Fantastic Four has been a let down each time these characters were brought to the screen. Fox did not do a good job with them. How great would it be to see Reid Richards brainstorming with Tony Stark. Or what about the Silver Surfer showing up to help fight Thanos or Galactus joining Thanos in the fight against Earth's mightiest heroes? How about Deadpool and Spider-Man throwing some jokes at each other while kicking some serious bad guy behind?The possibilities are literally endless and wonderful.

You might be thinking that Fox has really hit it big with the "R" rated superhero movies and feel let down that movies such as this would not be released under a Disney owned company. My response to that type of worry would be to tell you all who cares. Marvel Studios have proven time and again that they know how to handle their characters. Sure, the Inhumans show is disappointing. But I truly feel that Marvel will find a way to make the show and the Inhumans themselves better in the MCU down the line. I could see Fantastic Four would work perfect in the current MCU. Deadpool would probably work better as a Netflix series due to those characters in the MCU are allowed to be more gritty and adult oriented than on the big screen. I am not worried at all.

I hope this deal goes through and that Marvel takes back Xavier's merry mutants. For those who want to read the actual article, please click the link below.

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