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RELEASE DATE: February 9, 2018

DIRECTOR: Ari Sandel

WRITER: John Whittington


Adam Devine as Noah

Alexandra Daddario as Avery

Shelley Hennig as Carrie

Robbie Amell as Ethan

Andrew Bachelor as Max


The film starts off at an engagement party where we meet Avery recounting the moment she had met her fiance for the first time to all of her guests. We see Noah standing in the front of the crowd of friends and family seemingly reminiscing with her while getting clips of flash back of the first night he had met Avery. They seem to be perfect for each other as it shoes them throughout that first faithful night but his story ends with him going in for that first kiss and Avery going in for a friendly hug. He doesn't get to plant the kiss as she lands the ever famous friend zone hug. We are pulled back to present day and we learn that her story was different than the flashback that we saw through Noah's memory and that she was actually engaged to the ever nice and great guy Ethan, who Avery met the day after she met Noah.

This sets up a story that at first reminds me of Groundhog Day but with a twist. Noah is madly in love with Avery and he feels that he missed his chance with her. He gets incredibly drunk at the engagement party and Avery's best friend Carrie is given the task to take him home. He ends up tricking her into taking him to the local jazz bar (Noah works at the jazz bar as the piano player/singer). After talking with Carrie and seeing his friend Max in the bar, he sees the photo booth where he and Avery truly begin to hit it off on that first night 3 years prior. He finds his way inside the booth, puts a quarter into the coin slot and wishes that he had one more chance to win her over on that first night. This photo booth tome machine sends Noah back to Halloween 2014 when he met Avery and we are brought into a fun and hilarious time traveling adventure to win Avery's heart.

What makes this film fun is that it does a major difference than other movies that have used this premise. After Noah lives out that first day and makes his choices, he is taken back to his present time and he gets to see how his life turned out 3 years later.

Nothing works out and he soon discovers that he and Avery are actually not meant to be, but finally understands that Avery belongs with Ethan. There is one scenario where he does get Avery and they are engaged, unfortunately Ethan still ends of being in their lives. Ethan and Avery still love each other even though Noah accomplished his goal. Noah realizes that Avery will be loyal and faithful to him but she will never truly love him. Her heart will always belong to Ethan.

During all of this time travel and self discovery, Noah also realizes that the person who he belongs with is Carrie. She was the one person who ended up being there for him, sure in different ways but still the one person he always finds himself confiding in. Noah loves Carrie, not Avery.

The story ends up becoming him trying to win her over and he does eventually. He realizes that instead of going back in time to change things to work in his favor, he must go back and put things the way they originally were. It's his original history with Carrie that helps them come together in the end. Avery still ended up being very important to Noah because it was through meeting her and becoming so close with her that he was able to get to know Carrie and find true love.

All of the actors in this film did a great job as I really did enjoy their performances throughout. The story was pretty good. It made me laugh and kept me interested and invested to watch the entire film. Netflix did a nice job once again in producing another Netflix Original. I give the film a 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's a good score and it's respectable. The only reason it didn't get to a 4 out of 5 stars to me is because the time travel seemed a little bit repetitious to a point I felt a little bored in the middle. But then the film ended up pulling me right back in shortly after. It is very much worth watching and it's great as a date movie or at home with your spouse. Enjoy!





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