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Khash is a traditional Armenian soup made of boiled cow or sheep's feet and/or head. It sometimes incorporates other parts of the animal such as the brain and stomach (tripe). I have discovered certain "traditional rules" to eating khash during my research. The actual main rule is to eat khash during the winter months of the year. Other countries in the region have been known to eat the soup during other times of the year. Another "rule" to eating khash is that it is generally eating in the morning as breakfast. The purpose of such a "rule" is due to the soup being a very heavy dish and as we know, most heavy type meals are better eaten early in the day in order to be worked off as the days goes on. Just like the first "rule" there are those who eat the soup in other parts of the day.

To properly eat khash, first you want to season the soup with salt and garlic to taste. Then remove the meat from your bowl and transfer to another plate. Cover the meat with soft lavash to keep it warm. Take dried lavash and crumble it into the soup until it all becomes like a sponge. Traditionally khash eaters do not eat the soup with a spoon. It is said that khash tastes best when eaten by hand.


WOULD I TRY IT: I could not give you a reason not to try this soup. Think about it. How is broth made? Broth is the boiling/simmer of animal bones in water when you get down to it. This is no different then any other broth in my opinion. I am also a die hard believer that the best medicine is a good broth. Sure, this soup features parts of the cow/sheep that are not seen as appetizing in the American world. But I have always felt that the sweetest meat comes from the areas of the animal that no one really eats where I'm from. The best bit of meat I've ever had came from a goat head. The meat of the cheek was super tender and delicious. Please, get me a bowl!

KHASH SOUP RECIPE #1 For the preparation of this fantastic dish, you should thoroughly follow all the rules, described in the recipe. Preperation time- 540 minutes

Cooking time- 60 minutes

Total- 600 minutes INGREDIENTS

1 onion (diced)

1 garlic (diced)

Salt to taste

1/2 tsb dry chives leaves


1 cow foot (cut and washed)

1 chili pepper INSTRUCTIONS -Wash and put the cut meat into a deep bowl.

-Pour cold water and allow the meat to soak overnight or for at least 8 hours to soften.

-Wash thoroughly, put into a pot with onions, pepper, water and garlic,and then cook until meat is tender and can be easily extracted from the bones.

-Add salt to taste and serve warm with chives sprinkled over the soup.

KHASH SOUP RECIPE #2 INGREDIENTS 8 pounds beef hooves

2 pounds beef tripe

1 bulb garlic cloves

crushedSalt to taste INSTRUCTIONS -Thoroughly wash the meat and make sure that it’s clean.

-Cut the tripe into small chunks. Put the feet, tripe, and fat into a large kettle.

-Cover with cold water.

-Bring to boil then reduce the heat to a simmer.

-Skim the surface regularly of any foam, add more water if necessary.

-Simmer for about 10 hours.

-Garlic and salt are the only added ingredients.





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