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Visiting Buoy One in Riverhead had been a yearly tradition that my wife and I had shared for years which was sadly interrupted by COVID. We would typically make our way out east to Long Island where we would spend a weekend bouncing around from winery to winery while stopping for delicious food to break up our alcohol tasting tour. This year felt especially awesome since it had been two years since our last trip and we wanted to pay our old stomping grounds a visit.

I fell in love with Buoy One years ago when my wife and I had found this little gem during a google search. We decided to trust the Google reviews and give this place a shot. The rest is history. This time we had our children with us which made this trip extra special. Unfortunately we did have a full day of plans to get to so we could not spend as much time at Buoy One as we would have liked.


Buoy One was no different from our past visits which was good to see. You walk into the restaurant and see the seafood market on the right and the restaurant dining area on the left. We were greeted with a smile and seated promptly. It was a great start to the visit.


We seemed to have arrived early for lunch since there were not many people there. Trust me, this changed as time went on. Our server was friendly and she was available to us whenever needed. Service was excellent at Buoy One.


We ordered the Lemonade and the Buoy Rum Punch. The Lemonade was flavorful and not too sweet. It tasted like it had real lemons in it compared to the lemonade pre-mix that most restaurants serve. It was fresh. My Buoy Rum Punch was like it was ripped right out of my memory. It tasted exactly the same. I just want to applaud those at Buoy One for understanding consistency even with the drinks. This was my go to drink and it will remain to be.

Now on to the food. I ordered the Fisherman's Basket which included fried filet, bay scallops, calamari, shrimp, onion rings and fries. I ordered this dish with a side of clam strips to be added to the order just because I was in the mood for them. Somehow I had forgotten how large the portion was and I was afraid that I would not finish it which was a silly thought because I did in fact finish the entire dish. The filet was light and flaky. The shrimp and the clam strips were crispy and flavorful. My favorite part of the dish though was definitely the scallops. They were crunchy and sweet with a texture that just melted. I became full half way through eating the Fisherman's Basket but I just could not stop myself.

My wife enjoyed the Pepper Seared Tuna which was served over crispy wontons, sweet soy and wasabi mayo. The tuna was fresh and light. The meat gave off a great flavor. The crispy wontons gave an incredible counter balance to the texture which also worked well with the wasabi mayo.


At the end of the meal, I felt completely satisfied. Buoy One had truly not missed a beat. To be honest, I did not expect them to. I have always seen them in high regard. I give Buoy One two thumbs up and recommend them for any occasion. If you are ever in Riverhead, please make sure to visit Buoy One and try their amazing seafood. I promise that you will thank me once you do. Enjoy!

Buoy One is Located:

1175 W Main St

Riverhead, NY 11901

(833) 286-9663

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