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My family and I were fans of the last version of Cheaper by the Dozen staring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. It had great comedy, it was fun and it had a great story about a couple and all of their kids. It even spawned a sequel which actually out shined the first movie and was a solid go. This new remake dealt with two divorcees who had children from previous marriages, met each other got married a d had a few more kids. The story and acting were not equivalent to the previous franchise. The story felt forced and did not have that Cheaper by the Dozen charm to it. This was a bad go for Disney and we ended up turning the movie off 19 minutes into it. My one comment that I repeated about ten times throughout the film was that this should have just been a Brady Bunch remake, reduce the amount of kids and it would have made a little more sense.

I give the new Cheaper by the Dozen the rating of EPIC FAIL and urge you the movie watcher to use your valuable time in a more sensible way by watching for water to boil. Please don't put your kids through this train wreck. I have one message to give to Zach Braff, Gabrielle Union and Erika Christensen, you are all better than this. Please don't take a shitty script like this again.

I feel the need to make myself feel better so I am putting up the trailer from the 2003 version of Cheaper By The Dozen.

And just in case you wanted to see Cheaper By The Dozen 2, here's the full movie. Enjoy!

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