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In an exciting turn of events, we will be publishing our very first episodic story series on Kindle Vella with A Vampire in Asgard. The story's premise, Asgard is on the verge of war with Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire, as Odin and Thor are joined in battle by their family. Tyr, brother to Thor and Son of Odin, is missing without a trace. As Frigga desperately turns to magic to bring back her missing son, the spell goes wrong as it summons the vampire hero Christos from the future instead. Christos must help the Gods of Asgard protect their kingdom while also figuring out how to get back to his own time.

With the recent directions that our fiction has been going, A Vampire in Asgard just felt like a nature fit to help expand the universe. The character of Tyr has become a pretty central character for our universe with his introduction in A Glimpse into Chaos, then appearance in Reign of the Fallen and his upcoming feature in my current work in progress Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity: Hell on Earth. I am also working on a third installment of my Glimpse Short Story Series which also features two stories with Tyr which the first, Tyr Odinson, is currently being adapted into a comic book and the second story Tyr Ragnarok will also be adapted into a comic book as well.

This Kindle Vella series was a obvious next step to help expand our story universe to get a new adaptation of Asgard and to learn more about Tyr's family as it exist in the Chaos Universe. Thor, Odin and Frigga were essential characters to bring into the fold as they get to know Christos, our universe's greatest hero, in this chaotic version of Asgard. I have also developed a new villain which I am quite excited about and cannot wait to unleash onto our Norse Gods.

My hope is that Kindle Vella opens up a great new avenue of publication for KnightSlayer which will truly unleash the Chaos Universe and expand it to unforeseen possibilities.

Mark your calendars, the first episode of A Vampire In Asgard which is titled Along Came A Vampire will be released this Wednesday 4/20/22 on Kindle Vella.


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