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My wife and I have been wanting to try Limoncello Ristorante for quite some time and we finally had the chance to go for lunch recently. Limoncello Ristorante is located in a strip mall in Waldwick, New Jersey that has a liquor store and a nice little bakery which makes it perfect for your dining needs in the Italian BYOB ristorante.


Upon arriving to Limoncello Ristorante we were greeted by a nice man who looked to be the manager/owner who also ended up taking our drink order. We had just arrived before the lunch rush hit so it was perfect timing for placing our order. As you can see in the photos above (say hello to my youngest daughter, unfortunately my other daughter was in school at the time), Limoncello Ristorante is very bright, very clean and your typical small Italian restaurant decor which is something that I am a sucker for. I noticed that there were two other female workers there who worked more like food runners, bussers and helped with refills. There was another owner/manager type who just like the man who greeted us, took the orders from the tables and sent them to the kitchen. They seemed like they were all related which as we know is very common in a classic Italian restaurant. They were all extremely nice and incredibly hospitable.


Shortly after you take your seat, the wonder staff of Limoncello Ristorante serve you feta cheese with olives, garlic bread and a basket of bread. All were very delicious and you just kind of want to gorge on these three items. Don’t do that because you certainly want to save room for the actual food. There was a wonderful rosemary and garlic oil which is what I used solely for the bread. The oil is also why I ate the bread in all but two seconds. Yes I ordered another basket of bread.

I started my dining experience with the oysters cocktail which is oysters on a half shell. These oysters were super fresh, plump and full of flavor. I found them to be a refreshing beginning to my meal. I also wanted to place a second order of them because they weren’t only delicious but they were also very reasonably priced compared to other restaurant. But of course I didn’t do that because I needed room for the rest of the meal. The oysters were followed up by a light garden salad. The salad was a typical garden salad. Please do not take this as a negative comment, it was very good but I don’t want to over hype a simple garden salad. I just felt it was worth the mention though.

I ordered the snapper, clams and mussels with the light tomato sauce over linguine. The snapper was great. The aroma coming from the plate as it was placed in front of me was just intoxicating in all of the best ways. It was complimented well from the mussels and clams and the sauce gave the fish great flavor. The chef prepared the fish in a way where the skin was wonderfully crispy which only added to the soft texture of the flesh of the fish. I am a clams and mussels guys and as much as I loved the clams and mussels in this dish, the snapper was the true star.

My wife had the Pollo Verona. The Pollo Verona included breaded chicken breasts with mushrooms, goat cheese, red peppers and balsamic. It was served over green beans. This dish was delicious and the balsamic came off more like a gravy which was nice. My wife had said that she wished there was more cheese with the dish and I commented that the dish may have been better accompanied by a potato croquette. However this does not take anything away from the dish itself.


Limoncello Ristorante was fantastic from the moment we entered to the moment we left. It was a fantastic experience for us and the only thing missing was that my oldest daughter wasn’t there to enjoy it with us. We promised her that we would go back so that we could enjoy it with her. Thank you Limoncello we will be back. As you can tell I highly recommend Limoncello Ristorante and wish you all good eating. Enjoy!

Limoncello Ristorante is Located:

32 Franklin Turnpike

Waldwick, NJ 07463

(201) 652-5577


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