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Let me announce a new addition to the Podcast world with Entry to Comics! Join hosts Sam and Will as they discuss comic books of all shapes and sizes whether it be Marvel, DC, Image or any comic that they can get their hands on. Sam and Will chose to begin their Podcast journey discussing the ever classic Marvel arch in House of M. Personally I felt that this was a great choice for them to start with considering the relevancy of the story today.


For those who are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision has taken the world by storm as it is the most popular show on television at the moment. How does the story of House of M relate to WandaVision? Yes this is a serious question that not many people know the answer to. As we know, there are those of us who only know the MCU and not the source material. To those who do not know, WandaVision is loosely based off of the House of M story.

Let's talk about the hosts of Entry to Comics. Sam has a long history with the Feast and Fandom family. He is none other than the talented artist who designed my book covers, the co-creator of the comic book that I have been working on for a while and the co-founder of KnightSlayer. Will is Sam's cousin and fellow comic lover. They have both decided to create this podcast as a way to help us all understand the comic book source material so that we do not have to do all of the catching up ourselves.

Listening to episode 1, titled House of M vs WandaVision, we are treated to two hours of entertainment that gives us listeners the complete background of House of M while also sprinkling in all of the current known information from WandaVision. Even though I personally know the source material, it was nice to listen to these two passionate comic lovers discussing the story and digging into the elements of the plot with the all of the excitement that they displayed. Not only did they remind me of certain story elements that I had forgotten, but they made me want to pick up an issue and re-read it on my own.

No this was not a spoiler for WandaVision,. How could it be? WandaVision simply does not have the character pool that the comic had. It also seems like it is going to pay off in a way that reverses House of M. However Entry to Comics succeeded in what Sam and Will intended to do. The podcast educated (reminded) me about the characters and what we can hopefully expect from characters that we have not seen yet in the MCU and it made me long to go back and feel the joy and excitement that comes with reading great comics.

Great work gentlemen. I cannot wait until episode 2. I only see Sam and Will's comfort levels balancing out more as they continue to release new content and I know that this will become the podcast that us comic lovers have long been waiting for.

You can listen to Entry to Comics on Anchor or anywhere that you listen to your podcasts.

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