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The kids weren’t feeling great today and we didn’t want to take them out in the cold So we decided to order our lunch from Nino’s on the Slice App. We’ve used Slice plenty of times and ordered from Nino’s once before. We enjoyed it the first time and thought why not order from them again.

In this review I will talk about the delivery experience. First let’s get back to the Slice App. The menu is clear and easy to use just like other restaurants that we’ve ordered from. Once the order was placed, I was sent a notification through email and text message saying that my order was in the kitchen and that it would arrive in 45- 60 minutes. The order actually took 40 minutes to arrive which we were grateful for. I also just want to point out that the delivery person was kind.


The pizza was fantastic. The slice has a delicious crust that supports the pie well and the sauce had such a great flavor that I think could be put a pasta. My girls loved the cheese best and just couldn’t get enough of it. I am obsessed with their wings. I rated their wings back on February 2 and gave them a great score. They are the absolute best in the Pascack Valley area. The skin gives a great crunch and the Buffalo sauce has a buttery tangy flavor to it that just makes you want more. The Brother’s Wrap has fried chicken, spinach, garlic and oil and melted mozzarella cheese. The garlic was not over powering at all, the chicken was wonderfully crunchy. It was hot and delicious. The spinach wrap also held it shape the entire time unlike how some wraps can kind of just fall apart. My wife intended to save half of it but couldn’t resist finishing it. Lastly the Rainbow Cookie Came was pure joy in a dessert. As a family we are obsessed with Italian Rainbow Cookies and this dessert was just like the classic cookies we would buy at the bakery. It is definitely a must try.


Nino’s does a great job with their take out business and you can tell that they do not use the take out service as an excuse to fall short. Each item was planned perfectly with travel in mind. The container for my wings were wrapped in plastic to ensure the wing sauce did not spill out. Trust me it is appreciated. I give Nino’s an 8.2 for take out. Great score guys. I need to come in and see how the dine in service is. I’m looking forward to trying your Chicken Marsala and mussels. Nino’s, see you soon. For those reading this review, try them out if your in the area. Enjoy!

Nino’s Pizza and Restaurant is located:

456 Broadway

Hillsdale NJ 07642

(201) 497-6900

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