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My family and I took a trip out the Newport, RI for the week and decided to stop for some breakfast on the way. We stopped over at the Post Road Diner in Norwalk, CT. We did some research first and found that this diner had quite a following and seemed to be popular in the area. We couldn't resist trying it for ourselves.


When pulling into the parking lot, we saw that there was a fantastic mural on the opposing walk that played homage to the Post Road Diner. My kids loved it when we had them take pictures in front of it (sorry, not sharing those). We loved the character of the diner. There were old fashioned cars and figures throughout the diner. The waiting area had a couch that looked like an old fashioned car in the vestibule. It was a much needed blast from the past that we really appreciated. They even had these great mugs that we thought the world of and even purchased one.


Our server was great. He gave us full attention and was accommodating to our needs. We did not wait for anything and he was quick. Great job here.


My go to meal for breakfast in a diner has been two eggs with corned beef hash. Yes I know, egg whites with corned beef hash. It has nothing to do with being healthy, it's just a preference. I like my eggs more when they are scrambled egg whites. I have my traditions. I take a fork full of eggs with the corned beef hash and put it on my buttered rye toast with a slice of bacon and a few home fries. I make a small sandwich out of it for my first few bites. I know how it sounds but this puts me in my food lover happy place and it just helps be begin the enjoyment of this dish no matter where I eat it. If for any reason that this does not put me in that food lover happy place like I described, I simply do not enjoy it that much. Call me weird, it's just a thing . Am I overthinking it? You bet. But I've have terrible corned beef hash before that even delicious buttered rye toast can't save. This was not the case of course.


I give the Post Road Diner a great score of an 8.1. They have a great breakfast, great atmosphere and great people that work for them. We enjoyed it so much that we talked about visiting the Post Road Diner for lunch on our way home to see how they work during another meal period. I will definitely post another review if we do follow up with a second visit. In the meantime, try them out if you are ever in the area. Enjoy!

Post Road Diner is located:

312 Connecticut Ave

Norwalk, CT 06854

(203) 866-9777

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