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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Just when I thought that I was done reviewing Trader Joe’s, they pulled me back in. A few weeks ago a friend of mine suggested that I give this seasoning blend a shot. She told me that both she and her husband were obsessed with it and pretty much put it on everything. Her description of the seasoning blend sounded so good that I simply had to try it for myself.

First let me ask if you know what this Ajika Georgian Seasoning Blend actually is. The seasoning is a delicious blend of ground red chili peppers which is not spicy, ground coriander, fenugreek, dried garlic, ground marigold (yes the flower) and salt. I found the aroma to be mouth watering upon opening the bottle. The color is beautiful and it looks great when sprinkling on whatever you choose. I for one chose salmon.

As you can see in the photos above, the seasoning blend gave my salmon an incredible vibrant color. The flavor itself did not over power the salmon but enhanced it. The seasoning comes off as garlicky with a mild spice to it and you truly get the notes of the other ingredients. I can easily see how it can also enhance other proteins such as chicken, pork or beef.

In closing I highly recommend this seasoning blend and suggest that anyone who reads this post go out and buy a bottle. I have overlooked it in the past while shopping and it took a recommendation for me to finally give it a chance. I and super happy that I did. Thank you again Tina for the recommendation. This was another case where Trader Joe’s proved just how good they are. Again please go out and try this for yourself. If you do, enjoy!

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