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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Since I decided to keep the Trader Joe’s product reviews going, I remembered that my cousin Brandon once told me that Trader Joe’s Beef Pho Soup was not bad especially for store bought frozen soup. The recommendation caught me off guard because Brandon is someone like myself who appreciates good food. So when I saw it during my last trip to the store, I couldn’t help but to pick up a box.

When it comes to the packaging, I expected to see some of the components on the outside of the frozen soup bowl. I am not usually one to expect this but the soup looked so good on the box I just thought that some of the vegetables could have been added to the reheating process to give the impression of fresher vegetables. I’ve seen it like this in other products. The pepper on the box is also misleading because the soup has zero spice to it. The reheating instructions state to reheat for 5-6 minutes. My soup needed 7 minutes to reach 165 degrees. Just be careful when reheating.

The soup itself is better than most frozen soups out there. The broth has a nice beef flavor and is seasoned well. I also like the rice noodles. I wish there were more. The noodles were not over cooked or mushy at all. I also enjoyed the small hints of cilantro and Thai basil.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the beef. It had good flavor. My only complaint is that the beef broke apart in the broth. It would have been nice to eat more substantial pieces. Again what could you really expect from store purchased mass produced frozen soup.

All in all I would definitely buy this soup again as something to have around if I was hungry and didn’t have much in the house. I don’t see myself really eating it for any other reason. As you can see I did enjoy the soup and would recommend you to purchase it and try it for yourself. It did vastly exceed my expectations. Enjoy!

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