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In the spirit of the holidays and my current truffle obsession, I could not let another day go by without talking about Trader Joe's Organic White Truffle Potato Chips. With just coming off of my Truffle Powder Seasoning post, my initial impression of the chip took me to the very same places as the seasoning. The aroma was strong and earthy. It made my mouth immediately salivate just like the seasoning did. I was excited to taste the combination of the truffle and the Fleur De Sel sea salt.

Upon taking my first bit, I noticed the salt first followed by immersing power behind the truffle flavor. The tasting notes made me think directly of truffle oil to the point that I said those words out loud. Since I adore truffle, I did find that these chips were dangerous in a way that I could keep eating them. I forced myself to stop. If you are someone who prefers a plain chip or not used to this flavor profile, you will most likely not like this chip. However I would always say that you will not know for sure unless you try it for yourself.

I have seen these people purchasing these chips and selling them on EBay for ridiculous amounts of money. I saw one listing for two bags of chips for $32. Please do not spend that much money on a 6oz bag of chips. Fortunately I have a Trader Joe's just a few blocks from where I live. There are many who do not have a location close to them at all. I would warn you not to do so. They are great but save the money. I would rather purchase them for any of my readers and mail them to you. You would just have to pay me back for the cost of the bag and shipping. I'm sure it would cost far less than EBay.

With that said, I highly recommend these chips. They are as delicious as they sound and get them while you can. Trader Joe's does not offer them year round. Enjoy!

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