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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Whether you read my posts or follow us @feastandfandom on Instagram, you would easily be able to see my love of pastas. We always tend to try new pastas whenever out at a restaurant or that we see in the store to cook at home. Typically if I see a fresh spinach pasta, I need to buy it without question.

I hoped that you have followed our Trader Joe's series of product reviews and found them helpful because they put out a great product for the most part. This is no different. When looking at the Spinach & Chive Linguine pictured above, it looks almost like a fresh pasta. Yes it is dried just like any other store bought pasta you would find on the shelf. This pasta however has a great shape and is packaged smartly if you ask me.

How does it hold up after cooking? The photos above are from two different occasions where I have cooked the pasta. Just like any pasta, you cannot follow the cooking time to get the pasta to a perfect al dente. This is universal in my opinion. Just it as a guide but not fact. You can see how the pasta holds it shape and looks just like fresh pasta. The appearance is really quite beautiful.

How was the flavor? You do taste the spinach and chive flavor. It is not over powering and does compliment whichever sauce you pair it with and has gone well with shrimp and the cod as you see pictured above as well. I have cooked this pasta with marinara sauce and it both does not get lost in the sauce or take it over.

Overall the Spinach &Chive Linguine is a wonderful ingredient that I highly recommend. Make sure that you pick up a pack the next time you visit your local Trader Joe's. Enjoy!

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