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Updated: Feb 17

The Boathouse has been a family favorite for a long time. I was first introduced to the restaurant when my father-in-law first brought us there for lunch before my wife and I were married. My father-in-law lived in Briarcliff Manor at the time and it was one of his usual spots. The restaurant is located near the train station in Ossining, NY right along the Hudson River on a pier. The view of the mountains and the river are quite breath taking when sitting either inside or outside while you dine. I first fell in love with their mussels appetizer. I remember getting a gigantic bowl of mussels with a huge loaf of bread to soak up all of the wonderful sauce. This was what I am have always thought about when thinking about The Boathouse. Sadly, they did not have the mussels during my last visit. But that’s okay. We had plenty of other great dishes to choose from.


We have always been greeted warmly and had the best accommodations during each visit. The staff is friendly and inviting. They always go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. They know hospitality and it is never forced. I wish more places had a genuine staff such as The Boathouse. I feel that any restaurant would learn valuable lessons in service if they observed a day at The Boathouse.


My father-in-law ordered the Stuffed Ravioli with Mushrooms. This was a hearty dish and he could not finish it which made him happy because he had enough to take home. He said it was flavorful and was pure comfort food. He originally ordered the version of the dish with short rib but it had sold out earlier in the day. The Stuffed Ravioli is a popular dish at The Boathouse.

I had the Fish and Chips. The fish was light and flaky; beautiful pieces of flounder which pulled apart easily with just my fork. We all know that I love my hot sauce. I used hot sauce as a dipping sauce rather than tarter sauce. My only problem with the dish was that I would have like more fish but that’s just me being me and nothing against the actual portion size.


The Boathouse is not just a riverside restaurant, it’s an establishment that very much makes you feel as you are a part of the family and at home. The staff makes you feel comfortable and stops at nothing to make sure that you are satisfied with your experience. If I could go to The Boathouse once a week, I would be a lucky man. If you are in the Westchester area, make it your priority to visit them and experience the level of service that they provide. You will thank me, I promise you that. Enjoy!

The Boathouse is located:

46 Westerly Rd

Ossining, NY 10562

(914) 923-6466


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