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We had a fun morning of site seeing at the local mansions of Newport and needed a recharge before the next stop. One of the restaurants that we marked off to visit was the Gas Lamp Grille in downtown Newport. We've heard good things about them and wanted to check it out for ourselves.


The main thing that we liked about Gas Lamp is that it was bright and comfortable. They definitely wanted to show off their décor as they should have. It was cozy. I particularly liked the gas style lamps throughout the restaurant. The theme was not over done and it worked well.


Our server was great. She was quick to greet us and had the right timing to not be overwhelming. You know how some servers like to ask how everything is all the time. She was definitely not that and just seemed to show up when we wanted her to.


To talk about the food, I would need to talk about my beverage first. I tried the Gas Lamp APA which was citrusy, wonderfully hoppy and brewed exclusively by Ragged Island Brewing. It was refreshing and went great with the food. My daughter wanted to try the pretzels with beer dip (she didn't eat the dip) and chicken wings. My younger daughter chose to dip her fries in the beer cheese. The pretzels were light and fresh. I am a mustard guy when it comes to pretzels and I was very happy with dipping them in the spicy brown mustard. We ordered the wings dry because my daughters don't like hot sauce (I was able to get the sauce on the side). The wings were crispy and nicely seasoned which gave them great flavor.

My wife ordered the grilled chicken tacos which were served with cheddar cheese, lettuce, guacamole, pico do gallo and a side of tortilla chips. She found it light and refreshing and it accompanied her patron margarita quite well. I FINALLY had my lobster roll. I refer my lobster roll poached in butter with a squeeze of lemon. This roll came out perfectly to my liking. You can tell that I loved it based on the photo of me above. My wife could not resist taking the photo of me because she wanted to capture how much I was enjoying it. If you head out this way, you MUST try this lobster roll. This was by far my favorite menu item of the trip so far.


I gave the Gas Lamp Grille an 8.4 after the meal. This was tough to score for me. In some ways I wanted to score them higher but when push came to shove, I just could not get above an 8.4. That lobster roll is what caused the doubt in my head due to how good it was. But I digress. This is still an incredible score and The Gas Lamp Grille should be proud. Thank you for thee great food and the great experience. Make sure to check them out. Enjoy!

The Gas Lamp Grille is located:

206 Thames St

Newport, RI 02840

(401) 845-9300

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