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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The movie journey of Batman has seen a lot of ups and downs as we have seen franchises begin and then get rebooted from time to time. Then Crisis hit on the CW and almost everything was made cannon as we saw the worlds of Batman ‘89 shown on the small screen also with a glimpse of the world of the Adam West Batman all being effected by the events of the Arrowverse. Then the moment of pure joy came with the surprise appearance of Ezra Miller’s Flash face to face with Grant Gustin’s Flash as the DCEU was officially brought into the cross over. This set the course of a monumental change in the status quo that has unleashed a chance to make what was thought to be impossible possible.

We all know about the Robert Pattinson lead movie titled The Batman. This was ironically was supposed to be Ben Affleck’s first solo film playing the character. Of course the film was restructured and recast when Affleck left the role. This film saw some delays due to COVID but is back on track. We can all also see how different this version of Batman is than anything that we have ever seen before. In fact the entirety of Gotham looks to be different thank anything we’ve ever seen before. This is said to be a stand alone franchise that will not connect to the DCEU.

UPDATE - Production on The Batman is set to continue in September.

Back in June, we heard the news that DC/Warner was in negotiations with Michael Keaton to reprise his role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash movie. This news most likely would have broken the internet if we were living during normal times. Since then he has been confirmed to not only be featured in The Flash film but to also play a mentor type role through the DCEU. What!?!? Amazing! Michael Keaton was my Batman growing up. He made the character real for me in terms of my love for the character. Bringing him back was validation for me that AT&T values what they have in DC after purchasing DC/Warner Brothers and is finally allowing DC to use their Multiverse. But as much as I loved this announcement, I was still left with one question. What happens to the Batfleck character that was completely interwoven into the DCEU? Well...

...As of yesterday’s announcement, Ben Affleck has signed on to also appear in The Flash film as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Yes there will be two iconic Batmen in one film. One already established in the DCEU and the other coming back from the past. I am extremely excited to see how Keaton’s Batman plays off again Affleck’s Batman. It looks like Flashpoint will be the focus of this film. There are now questions on how the DCEU will look after this film. I am also hearing that Ben Affleck will also reprise the role of Batman in HBOMax Original programming to help expand that universe. There are so many possibilities that one simply cannot fathom.

I want to also take this time to reference my own personal feeling about another Batman. I have heard that DC/Warner has approached Christian Bale about also reprising his version of the character. I just want to make it known that I am against this rumor. Personally I feel that The Dark Knight trilogy was meant to be a stand alone series and should always be a stand alone series. There are those who agree with me and those who disagree. It is just my opinion. Let that version of Batman live in his own universe, any inclusion anywhere else will hurt that franchise.

With that said, we are about to see three live action Batmen very soon. Do I think that Pattinson could end up in the DCEU with all that is going on? I absolutely do think that he can. I think it will only benefit the multiverse of the DCEU and again, it looks like all is on the table at this point. And why not? Just imagine the possibilities. I cannot wait to see how DC will make all of this make sense.

Tomorrow DC FanDome begins and we will see a lot of news pouring out from DC. Questions will be answered and the horizon will be made a point. This is the best time to be a comic book fan and I am sure that we are all excited for what it to come. Enjoy!

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