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My family and I were on the final night of our trip out east in Riverhead and just had zero plan on where we were looking to go for dinner. We also could not decide what kind of food that we were in the mood for. We’ve all been there, it can be a bad combination. My wife Sharon is the one who randomly came across the Turkuaz Grill. We were hungry and didn’t want to travel far besides it was a quick 5 minute walk from the hotel and not too bad for the kids. Turkuaz also served Mediterranean food which has always been our go to when we can’t agree on what to eat.


We arrived late afternoon. The property itself technically is waterfront with a road between their restaurant and the water. It’s a beautiful view. We walked in a d were greeted immediately. There weren’t many people there since even though it was late afternoon, it was early for dinner. The staff seemed friendly and wanting to please from the beginning of our experience. The decor of the restaurant was gorgeous and very comfortable. So far great start to this visit.


The food was fantastic. I just wanted something to nibble on while I waited for my entree and Sharon and I were not in the mood for a full appetizer so I ordered the olive side dish. The olives were meaty kalamata olives that just hit the spot the only way that these olives can. They turned out to be a great start to our meal.

I had the Turkuaz Surf & Turf which is a combination of grilled fresh shrimp, tender lamb chops (or you can have lamb shish) served with rice and bulgur, fresh salad and beet salad. My daughters enjoyed watching me each the lamb chops like a lollipop. They were super tender and seasoned perfectly. My shrimp were perfectly cooked and had great flavor from the grill. The sides all came together and truly balanced out the dish. This was a fantastic dish that did not feel heavy at all.

My wife Sharon had the Falafel which was served over bulgur and rice with tahini sauce, fresh salad and beet salad with a side of humus. Fortunately Sharon let me try some of this dish (the true story is she got full and asked if I wanted to finish it). I will go on record by saying that this was some of the best Falafel that I have personally ever eaten. The tahini sauce had great texture and flavor while the humus was a great dip that brought everything together. Beautiful job here by the chef.


Turkuaz was a great find especially for the last night of our trip. My family and I did walk by the water after our meal before the walk back to our hotel. Everything about our visit felt good and we plan to go back during our next visit out to Riverhead. I give Turkuaz Grill my full recommendation for all of you to visit. Enjoy!

Turkuaz Grill is located:

40 McDermott Ave

Riverhead, NY 11901

631 591 1757


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