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Wolé Parks...Captain Luthor / The Stranger


A few days has passed since the debut episode of Superman & Lois. I chose to wait so that I wouldn't feel too bad giving away any spoilers. I have been a long time fan of the CW DC universe ever since Smallville first appeared on our television screens. Those were the days of character restrictions between TV and the big screen and separation of IP’s. All of that garbage is gone since DC and Warner have finally realized the potential of taking advantage of DC’s vast and ever growing multiverse.

Honestly, I have never realized how great it could be and how easy it would be to separate these realities from show to show and movie to movie. DC has always been ahead of the curve when it came to successfully realizing different versions of the same character through their multiverase.

The multiverse has its way of playing out on the small screen. When watching Superman & Lois, you came clearly see the differences with what has been established through Supergirl and the Arrowverse and what we saw in the pilot of Superman & Lois. Let’s start with the introduction to the series. There are on changes to what we already know and what we see in Superman’s quick origin. For example, we saw Superman propose to Lois in Elseworld’s. In the pilot, we see a somewhat different retelling of the proposal. we don’t ever see that awful suit which I hated from the earlier depictions of this Superman in the Arrowverse. Cape clips had to go and the sure as hell did.


They gave us a new suit from Superman’s early days. The Fleischer suit (pictured above)looked amazing on screen and I loved the history that was added just by including it. The new suit looks incredible. I see nods to Man of Steel in just the right ways. It’s a little too padded in the chest but it looks so much better than what this version of the character has come before.

Let's get into Jon and Jordan Kent. When we were first introduced to the idea of Clark and Lois having a child, it was in Supergirl and they had given birth to Jonathan Kent. They only had one child. The switch to them having twins was a result of the Crisis story that swept across the Arrowverse last season. As far as we knew, they were babies in the cross over event when we heard Lois refer to them the one and only time during the end. Suddenly the pilot hits and they are fourteen years old. We have been given more questions with the pilot. The first question would be was there a time jump? We don't know the answer of course and hopefully they do explain it at some point. The second question would be do the twins have powers? Jon is a jock who also seems to be a bit of a jerk from time to time. Jordan is more of a loner with antisocial issues. They are extremely different. I was worried about their dynamic and what they would bring to the show. After watching the pilot, my worries disappeared because they were one of the best parts of the episode. Their story was not corny or comicy (if that's a word). They made you want both of them to have powers or none of them to. Their characters were well written. But who ends up having powers? I won't tell because I love the reveal so much.

When it comes to Lois Lane, I don't feel that we got a lot of her in the series premiere as I wanted. Elizabeth Tulloch reminds me so much of Margot Kidder in all of the right ways and she definitely shows the Lois Lane toughness that makes the character so famous. I just wish we saw more of her. Her best scene was when Jon was a jerk to Jordan. Jordan stormed off and she grabbed Jon's head, turned it to face Jordan and said "apologize to your bother." This was Lois Lane. There was just such a command as she did it. I'm a big fan of this Lois and can't wait to see more.

Sam Lane is a nice addition to the series. It is strange to me that he knows that Clark is Superman because I always like the General Sam Lane vs Superman stories, but its a welcome change. This Superman works with Sam Lane to help keep us safe, but I do not trust Sam one bit. Sam always wants Superman to drop whatever he is doing to help him no matter what family crisis is going on. He told Lois that she may have wanted to marry Clark Kent but she married Superman, This was during a pivotal scene where Clark had to make the decision to go after the villain or be there for his family. It plays out very well on screen.

At the end we are witnessed to an Earth shattering reveal as there seems to be another Lex Luthor in the mix as this series' big bad. I have heard other news sites stir controversy about this new Luthor and raising the question if this is an alternate Earth in the Arrowverse. I remember when this new Luthor was cast. The character was revealed to be another Lex from an alternate Earth from pre-crisis that was stranded on Earth Prime. This would mean that Jon Cryer's Lex still exists here and that there are two Lex Luthor's. This is what I remember reading. This is what I hope plays out.

Overall I feel that this pilot was a very good first outing for a series that I have seen in a very long time. It brought everything that I was personally wanting to the table even if I didn't know that I wanted it. It set the bar high for the series and does not feel like anything else on the CW or in the Arrowverse at all. I love the Arrowverse but this is a very good thing. If you haven't watched it. Please do. If you did not feel the same way that I feel, tell me why. I would love to hear your reasoning.

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