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I was fortunate enough to meet George Willms, owner of the Blue Dragon Goods ( )shop on Etsy. He has a wide variety of Handmade Soy Wax candles. You may be thinking.... Candles are not MANLY! But Blue Dragon Goods has a wide variety of fragrances. No longer just perfumey, "girly" scents- Blue Dragon Goods also has such scents as Whiskey that I simply had to have.

There are many candle shops out there where you can buy any scent that you desire, but George has crafted a product that is far superior. His candles are homemade and his love for fragrance is apparent in each unique scent.

Blue Dragon Goods carries 49 distinct scents. Prices range from $5 to $23 per candle depending on size. Some of the scents that George produces can be seen listed below:

-Blood Orange

-Caribbean Teakwood


-Christmas Hearth


-Harvest Berry



-Peach Nectar

-Brandied Pear (My wife's favorite)

-Whiskey (My favorite)

Where else would you find a candle called "Blood of My Foes"? A dragon's blood incense scent featuring orange, patchouli, and cedar notes. Complex, sweet and spicy at the same time.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, Blue Dragon Goods is definitely a shop to visit when it comes to candle gift shopping. My wife is already planning on purchasing more.

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