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Today I spent the day in Montclair, New Jersey and I was fortunate to try the Amazing Escape Room for the first time. Damn, did I have a great time with this experience. The Amazing Escape Room offers different rooms with scenarios such as The Forest (Cabin in the Woods theme), Crusaders Alley (Superhero theme) and Case Closed (Secret Agent theme). The purpose is that you and your group are locked in a room that that immerses you into the chosen environment and you must get yourself out. Using only teamwork and your brain to work through clues that are hidden throughout the space.

My friend (we'll call him "Carlos") and I did the Case Closed Room which is said to be the toughest room that they offer. When we first walked into the room we saw a flashing TV screen that gave you the objective of your mission... I won't give too much away to spoil it for anyone wanting to try for themselves. The clues were hard, I'm not going to lie. We got one hour to complete the room and still had three clues to find when the hour was up. We almost made it but I just wanted to keep going. I wanted to go again! We all felt the same and we felt horrible that we didn't complete it.

This activity a lot of fun and I would recommend it for any occasion. I am going to try to get my coworkers to come with me next time.

The price for two people is $49 for the hour (Groupon)

(Pictured from left to right: random guy, me, Carlos)

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