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As some of you may know I began Feast and Fandom back in 2016 as a way to express my passion for food and movies and share it with the public. It was exciting to learn about blogging along the way. I began to grow a small following and I am proud to what it has grown to what it is now. If you have kept up with my posts, you will know that this website was also a great way for me to meet new people, build confidence with my writing, and become more comfortable about talking about my work in public.

In 2018 I began my journey as a self published author when I released my first short story book called A Glimpse Volume One. It was a simple title which told snippets of stories throughout its pages. It was fun to write but like Feast and Fandom, it was truly only a vehicle for me to gain confidence. Some may not know that I had actually began writing a novel back as early as 2004. It would take many forms and I had a lot of growing pains when it came to making sense of it. I actually took creative writing courses in college that did not count towards my major to help me figure out a lot of my dead ends that I was hitting in terms of story. Then one day I hit a road block. I hit the ultimate writers block and could not get through to the second half of my novel. The dead end lead to depression and it would become something where I would look at my material every now and then. I would maybe write something if I could and sometimes I would just read parts of the story over again without writing one single word. Within that time, my life had changed a lot and I was forging new relationships and trying new ventures. I realized how great my passion for food was and learned that I loved coming up with little stories that I personally found entertaining. I spent some time working as a back ground extra in movies and TV. I learned a lot about myself and who I was while doing that. Then getting married and having my first child gave me even more of a self realization of who I am as my goals changed and my family became my first priority.

One day I looked at my daughter and thought how could I be a good example for her if I could not finish what I had started. I needed to be an example of hard work and dedication that I wanted my daughter to one day look up to. I wanted her to know that no matter how hard things may get, you don’t give up and you figure it out. The greatest things in life are the things that you have to work hardest for. Releasing A Glimpse Volume One was the culmination of this desire. But it was still not the novel that I had begun way back in 2004. Like I said, it was a single step to the main goal.

After A Glimpse Volume One, I began looking at the story I had written within the novel again. This time was different than the first. This time I had a support system of people that believed in me. I had my wife who loved what I had written so far and wanted to see how it played out. She has been my biggest supporter. I had my friend and at the time soon to be KnightSlayer partner Sam who I had as someone to bounce story ideas off of. I also had my daughter would be my greatest motivator. As you know she was later joined by my younger daughter which meant that I would have double the motivation.

While I began continuing my novel, I actually became side tracked again. This time it was not writers block or any dead ends. I had another book idea. I ended up writing and releasing A Glimpse Into Chaos shortly after my novel because I ended up working on them simultaneously. I was thrilled when this happened. I learned that it was simply a part of my process. I learned that my imagination would take off like a freight train and there is no stopping it. I learned that writing A Glimpse Into Chaos at the same time as my novel actually helped me develop the rest of the book. Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity Rise of the Fallen was the story that started it all for me and there was no feeling like it other than my marriage and birth of my children. The feeling that I had when holding the first completed copy in my hands was incredibly more powerful than when I held A Glimpse. This was the completion of 14 years of figuring it all out. 14 years of dead ends finally ended and all I wanted to do was start the next book.

I quickly started its sequel Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity Hell on Earth but then the same thing happened. I had another idea for a different type of short story book. This time it would center around how the events of Rise of the Fallen affect the world in its aftermath. This was another very fun path to explore. Unfortunately during this time my family suffered a horrible loss which changed our lives at the core. None of us were the same after it. I am not the same after it. In some ways I had to find myself again. Now, I believe that I finally have. That's a story for another time though.

With that said I am happy to announce the re-release of A Glimpse Volume One with a new cover as well as a hard cover edition and minor updates. You can see a photo of it below along with my other books.

I am currently working on Chronicles of the Vampire Trinity Hell on Earth, A Glimpse Into Oblivion, StormHaven, our Tyr Odinson Comic Book and my Kindle Vella series A Vampire In Asgard.

As you can see, there is lots to come and we are not planning on slowing down any time soon. I can’t wait to announce the next book release.

You can find direct links the books above in the KnightSlayer tab at the top of the site or by visiting my author page on Amazon by clicking this link. Please feel free to send a message with any questions. Enjoy!


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