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Have you ever heard of Nomsi? Don't worry about it if you haven't, I'm sure you will soon. Nomsi is a calamansi based beverage produced from Pacific Fruit and Beverage Company out in California. For those who don't know what calamansi is, it's a Philippine citrus fruit which is also known as a Philippine lime. It's not only flavorful but nutritious. I recently came into contact with Pacific Fruit and Beverage and had the opportunity to taste each of the flavors that you see in the photos in this post. Once I tried them, I felt that this was a beverage that needed to be talked about and I have personally done so with mostly everyone I have come into contact with. Not only did I absolutely love this beverage, but my family did as well. I would catch them drinking it before I had a chance to get to it in some cases. Luckily we had two of each flavor and I was able to enjoy each of them. We now wish that Nomsi was for sale locally in my area.

The flavors that we were able to try were calamansi, mango, calamansi mango and calamansi raspberry. Out of all of the flavors, my personal favorite was the calamansi mango. I love mango and the combination of the mango flavor along with the calamansi just did it for me. The mango was my second favorite flavor which I can compare more to mango puree juice. As delicious as it was, the calamansi added an additional level to the mango flavor that is just superior to the straight up mango. All flavors were incredible. Each beverage is very refreshing and not overly sweet. Each also works as a great mixer for your favorite alcoholic beverage. I ended up testing the mango with some vanilla vodka and it was pretty incredible.

I sincerely hope to find Nomsi in a local store soon but in the meantime you can find it available on Amazon in 12 packs. Also check out Pacific Fruit and Beverage Company's Face Book page by clicking this LINK. I highly recommend that you try this beverage and see exactly what you are missing. Enjoy!

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