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Miller's Ale House Paramus


I have been to Miller's Ale House many times and I never thought to write about them before. As a customer, I feel that they are a good restaurant. It's not great by any means. The reason why most people go to Miller's is because they have a good bar and good bartenders. I have never had bad service when sitting at the bar. Sure, there are times that I have gone and sat in the dining room and received half decent service. But this visit was exactly what I wanted. I went in wanting a quick lunch at the bar and I did not want to spend a whole lot.

I love when I see Buffalo Shrimp on a menu. This is a menu choice that is not always utilized. There are a few things I wish they did differently but it still tasted great. They served the shrimp with the tails still on them. This is something that is not a big deal to me because I really have no problem taking the tails off myself. I have just been spoiled with having them served to me with the tails off before. This makes me think that they missed a step in their usual prep process. Either way, hot sauce and shrimp are a great combination. The other thing I wish was different about this dish is that I would prefer the shrimp to be a little bigger. I would even accept there to be a smaller portion size to the appetizer if they were U-16's. I feel that the bigger shrimp would compliment the hot sauce better.

I know- The Ribs were served with a spoon. I don't know why. I didn't ask. It was awkward. But damn did they taste good. I will say that Miller's has a good rack of Ribs. They were even better than usual due to the fact that they were the Monday Special. That means that I received a 1.25lbs rack for just $11.99. This is a deal. The meat was fall off the bone tender and the sauce was admirable. However, the mashed potatoes were salty and the gravy was not much to brag about. I also never used the spoon.

My bartender's name was Danielle and she did a great job. She made sure that I had what I needed and maintained a nice level of service with a busy bar. She knew how to manage everyone well. I hope that Miller's can live up to the service that she had given during my next visit.

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