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After fun morning of looking at more mansions, we decided to take a break and grab a quick bit. We stopped in Mama Leone's Pizzeria which was just minutes away from The Marble House, one of the many beautiful mansions that we saw.


Mama Leone's is your average town pizzeria with counter service. There was no large menu on the wall like you would typically find in a pizzeria and we had to look at the take out menu to see what we wanted. There were about eight tables with about six TVs around the dining room. I appreciated how clean the pizzeria was, you don't know how many times that I would walk into one and find dirty tables or random napkins on the floor.


I mentioned that they had counter service which is the norm in a pizzeria. The girl who worked behind the counter was very nice and worked with a sense of urgency to keep orders flowing. There were three point of sale screens at the counter and she would shift between all three to make sure she was taking her customer's orders in a timely manner. She then brought our food to our table once it was ready. She did a wonderful job.


We ordered Mama's Original Cheese Pizza and a buffalo chicken wrap. We are going to rate these a little different then most reviews and will give each menu item it's own score and then have a score average as the official score for the pizzeria.

Let's talk pizza first. The pizza had a great crust and the bottom of the pie was a beautiful shade of golden brown. The cheese was crispy and the sauce was packed with flavor. My family agreed that this pizza gets a score of 8.7. They really loved it.

Onto to the buffalo chicken wrap. This was a pretty standard wrap. I know its buffalo chicken but if I compare this wrap to one served close to home, this wrap was inferior. It seemed like there wasn't much put into the chicken and it had a plain breading on it. Seasoned bread crumbs go a long way and that would have helped in this case. It tasted good but it was not all that memorable. The chicken was also cold. I will score the wrap at a 6.9.


At the end of the meal, I am giving Mama Leone's Pizzeria an average score of 7.8. If we only had the pizza, they would have ended up with an 8.7. It was that good. I feel that they can improve their score with the buffalo chicken wrap. The wrap that I mentioned from back home is far superior and the reason for that is because the chicken is battered and then fried. The batter enhanced the texture of the wrap itself and made it much better. I'm sure other menu items may be great but I am a full believer that if it's on the menu, it must be the very best that you offer. I am just not sure this was the best that they could have done in this case. With that said, go to Mama Leone's and have the pizza. You'll thank me. Enjoy!

Mama Leone's Pizzeria is located:

266 Bellevue Ave

Newport, RI 02840

(401) 847-7272

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