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My wife introduced me to MOUTH.COM last week when she bought me a few products from their website. MOUTH.COM provides a wide variety of products from vendors who make products that range in some pretty interesting combinations. I can't list everything that they carry because it is simply too much to type. But I will tell you about what my wife had purchased from them for me. Peanut Butter

I don't know how many people are like me and love both peanut butter and bourbon, but Reginald's ($8.50 for 8.5 oz) sure does mix the two together quite nicely. I'm not going to tell you how this tastes on a sandwich as peanut butter and jelly or on crackers or anything because I have been snacking on this with a spoon. Like any other peanut butter, it's dry. Hell, that's why we usually combine it with other things. But this peanut butter is just too good to mix with anything else. Reginald's has a customer for life when it comes to me.

Bacon Pickles

Two words: BACON and PICKLE. I can't even describe the joy I went through when I tasted the Bacon Pickle from Unbound Pickling . ($14.75 for a 16oz jar) There isn't any actual bacon in this pickle jar, but the hickory smoke flavoring sure makes you think that there is. Well done guys. This product definitely gets my full support.

($28 for a 200ml flask)

I am not usually one to drink flavored whiskey but damn, this stuff is good. The dark chocolate taste is the right sweetness. If you follow my Instagram page @Feastandfandom, you know how much I enjoy whiskey. This whiskey falls right in with the rest. It's delicious!

I never knew that a website like MOUTH.COM existed and honestly I am not sure how my wife found it, (Note from wife: I found it thru a Facebook ad) but I am super happy that she did. I can't wait to order more from them. They offer monthly boxes, gift sets, you name it. They also carry other alcoholic products, more pickles, meats, baked good and I could keep going. Please check them out and see exactly why I am so excited about them.

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